7 foods that spoil skin beauty

Bottled water

Present in plastic bottles, BPA is an artificial estrogen that can act as a hormone within the physique and trigger hormonal skin points. BPA, which will increase the estrogen within the physique, causes zits and oiliness.


Espresso is a diuretic that can drain your entire physique’s hydration, together with your skin. This may make advantageous traces look worse.

Consuming an excessive amount of espresso may cause your face to lose its glow and moist look. Devour the espresso with a glass of water to offset a few of the misplaced hydration.

Alcoholic drinks are one other issue that can smash your skin. Consuming alcohol will make your face look sunken and worn out from dehydration.

white rice

White rice may be very excessive on the glycemic index and sugar content material. The excessive sugar content material may cause intense irritation of the skin.


One other issue that causes skin dehydration is salt. Salt can dry out your skin and trigger untimely getting old.

processed meat

Processed meats are very excessive in sodium and fats. Further sodium may cause water retention within the physique. This causes puffiness in your face.

New research additionally present that sodium nitrates discovered in lots of processed strategies may cause deterioration in collagen and elasticity. This may trigger untimely getting old.
spicy meals

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Researchers have but to know precisely why spicy foods exacerbate skin situations. However it positively has destructive results on situations like zits and rosacea. In case you have current skin issues, avoiding spicy foods could also be the best choice.

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