64 New Genomes of Humans Sequenced

64 New Genomes of Humans Listed. In a new study, scientists sequenced 64 new genomes that could better explain human genetic diversity.

Yet there is no technology yet that can reveal all genetic combinations in humans.

Launched in 1990 Human Genome Projectwas successful in identifying the base pairs that make up human DNA, physically and functionally identifying and mapping all genes. However, in the project in question genes that distinguish people from each other they continued to exist as a question mark.

Approximately 18 years after the completion of the Human Genome Project, scientists are thought to better reflect genetic diversity in a new study. A new dataset of 64 human genomes they have revealed. Unlike genomes that have introduced minor changes so far, newly sequenced genomes can be the keys to large structural differences.

The new dataset created by scientists covers 25 different human populations, and most importantly, it does not intersect with the results of the Human Genome Project. Naturally, the gene sequences revealed in the new study it özgü to make some differences. However, scientists caution that the sequences they uncovered still do not constitute the full spectrum of gene structure variations.

Advances in the field of data science are of great importance for scientists to improve their work in this field and will reveal the differences between human populations in terms of genetics. There is still a lot of time ahead for complete studies. Nevertheless, according to the explanations of scientists, the newly introduced gene sequencing may be extremely important in terms of medical studies.

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More News:

Plants Can Change Their Entire Genomes Through Horizontal Gene Geçirme

DNA is not always passed from parent to offspring through reproduction. In some cases, genetic material can also be transferred from one organism to another through a process called horizontal genome geçirme. For example, if you inoculate two different plants, it is possible for these separate life forms to intermingle and exchange DNA.

While this process özgü been understood simply for centuries, until now scientists have not always been sure how the entire genome passed through another cell. In a recent study reported last month in the journal Science Advances, scientists say they have found a way that plants can alter their entire genomes through horizontal gene geçirme.


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