4,000 virtual universes were created to solve the mystery of the Big Bang

of the universe The Big Bang, which is the principle that claims to have emerged from a particularly dense and sizzling spot about 13.8 billion years in the past, is one of the most curious topics of scientists at the moment.

For instance, NASA He needs to be taught the secrets and techniques of the Big Bang by launching the telescope known as SPHEREx into area. However Japanese scientists have a distinct method.


With the assist of a supercomputer, scientists created 4,000 virtual universes to solve the mystery of the Big Bang. This step will collect details about the course of that passed off proper after the Big Bang, when the observable universe out of the blue expanded exponentially.

Cosmologist Masato Shirasaki, who works at the Nationwide Astronomical Observatory of Japan, made statements about the undertaking in query, “We’re attempting to see a child image of our universe based mostly on present observations.” mentioned.


The universe differs in phrases of galaxy density. For instance, whereas some areas are very wealthy in galaxies, galaxies are hardly ever encountered in some areas.

Scientists underline that the mysteries of the Big Bang have to be solved to discover the trigger of this dysfunction.

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