YPG terrorist organization kidnaps Yazidi children in Syria

In a written assertion from ENKS, it was reported that YPG/PKK continued to kidnap children in order so as to add them to its armed employees in the areas occupied in Syria.

“The actions of the PYD and its derivatives to intimidate the Kurdish folks”

Within the assertion, “Though the kidnapping of school-age children is a criminal offense in line with human rights and worldwide legal guidelines, the PYD and its derivatives (YPG/PKK) proceed to intimidate the children of the Kurdish folks.” expressions had been used.

They demanded the discharge of the 17-year-old.

In line with the information of AA; Describing this motion by the YPG/PKK as an act of terrorism, ENKS additionally demanded the discharge of 17-year-old Silva Hamit Cafer, who was kidnapped.

Within the assertion of ENKS, which known as for the related humanitarian organizations to intervene in such actions, “We demand the SDF (YPG/PKK) cease these actions, that are opposite to the United Nations and Geneva Name statutes.” it was stated.

Yezidis protest

Alternatively, the Syrian Yezidis Council supported by sharing the assertion of ENKS on social media platforms.

The terrorist organization YPG/PKK kidnapped two women, 17-year-old Silva Cafer and 13-year-old Lurin Halit Hüseyin from the Kamışlı district of Haseke, from the Şeyh Maksut District, the place they had been current in town middle of Aleppo, after faculty.

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