Young girl in Syria died in attacks 6 days after her wedding


The troopers of Bashar Assad, who didn’t acknowledge the vacation in Syria, shot civilians once more.

Civilian settlements have been focused in the assault in the city of Ahsem in Idlib.

Within the assault, 8 folks, together with Meryem Bereket, who was married for 6 days, died, together with 4 kids.


Bereket’s spouse, Taha Takaika, was taken out of the home with critical accidents earlier than it was wrecked.

It was acknowledged that Takaika, who’s being handled in the intensive care unit, is in crucial situation.

It was emotional moments when a photograph of Bereket with her ring on her finger got here out of the wreckage.


Taha Takaika’s uncle, Ahmed Takaika, described the moments of the assault and the ache his household went by way of with these phrases:

“We have been celebrating the wedding of Meryem and my niece on the day of the assault. They met at college. We needed the girl from her household. 6 days earlier than the assault, my niece Taha Takaika married Meryem Bereket. We do not know precisely what occurred. The neighborhood was focused. Perhaps they thought there have been terrorists in the neighborhood. A 1-year-old child, 2-year-old, 3-year-old, 5-year-old kids from our household and their father Sami Takaika misplaced their lives in the assault. The assault destroyed the home. Our bride additionally handed away.”

Young girl in Syria died in attacks 6 days after her wedding #2

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