You can increase your chances of becoming a father with modern methods

The dream of many {couples} to change into mother and father generally can’t be realized attributable to infertility. 50 p.c of infertility seen in a single out of each 9 {couples} is because of issues in males. The prospect of males who’ve a very low likelihood of becoming a father attributable to poor sperm high quality or the absence of sperm will increase with the Micro TESE technique. Kiss. Dr. Emrah Yakut gave details about the Micro TESE technique.


25% of married {couples} can’t have a child within the first yr

Infertility is outlined as the lack of sexually energetic {couples} who don’t apply contraception to conceive naturally inside one yr. In keeping with the information of the World Well being Group, 25 p.c of married {couples} can’t conceive within the first yr, 15 p.c search remedy, and 5 p.c can’t have youngsters regardless of the therapies.

2ndPoor quality or absence of sperm is the most important reason

50 p.c of infertility, a situation seen in a single out of each 9 {couples}, is because of male-related issues. Varicocele, hormonal causes, genetic causes, common and systemic ailments, undescended testes, obstructions within the sperm duct, infectious ailments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, drug use and ailments within the reproductive tract are the principle causes of sperm high quality or absence of sperm that trigger male infertility.

3Solution to the problem of azoospermia with Micro TESE

Resolution to the issue of azoospermia with Micro TESE

In circumstances the place the causes of infertility can’t be corrected and being pregnant can’t be achieved naturally, {couples} are directed to assisted reproductive methods equivalent to vaccination and IVF. One of the methods utilized for answer in males who’ve infertility issues and should not have sperm of their semen or who’ve azoospermia attributable to superior sperm manufacturing dysfunction is “Micro TESE”.

4Sperm is searched in tissues taken from testis

Micro TESE process is carried out beneath common anesthesia with the affected person fully asleep. The process is carried out by making an incision of 3-4 cm within the midline of the scrotum, that’s, the scrotum, and analyzing the skinny channels known as tubules within the testis beneath a microscope working at excessive energy. Tissue samples are taken by gathering regular or enlarged tubules, and these tissues are disintegrated within the laboratory to see if there are sperm cells in them.


If viable sperm cells are discovered within the examination, if the eggs taken from the mom are prepared, they’re used for in vitro fertilization on the identical day or they’re frozen and saved to be used in future IVF remedy. Discovering and gathering sperm cells one after the other is a very delicate course of that requires experience.

6Tissues are not damaged

Since a lot much less tissue samples are taken within the micro TESE technique in comparison with the classical TESE process, the chance of injury to the testicular tissue is decrease. Examination of the tubules the place sperm manufacturing happens with microscope magnification will increase the likelihood of discovering sperm and offers the chance to acquire sperm with a increased charge and higher high quality.


Whereas the speed of acquiring sperm from the testicles with the Micro TESE technique is between 40-60%; In Micro TESE functions, which have been unsuccessful within the first and carried out for the second time, the speed of discovering sperm drops to 20-30 p.c. If sperm will not be discovered within the testicles after the micro-TESE process, pathological examination of the tissues taken is totally crucial. This examination offers steerage on the method that the affected person will comply with any further.

8ROSI method for people with no sperm found

In recent times, ROSI technique has been provided as a substitute remedy strategy for circumstances the place sperm can’t be obtained by TESE. Within the ROSI method (Spherical Spermatid Injection), the precursor sperm cells (spherical spermatid), which usually should not have the required capability to make sure fertilization, can be utilized in assisted reproductive methods by passing by way of some processes. This system, which continues to be very new, is seen as a substitute remedy for {couples} who’ve by no means had youngsters.

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