Yaman, a Buerger patient who lost his leg due to smoking in Çankırı, talked about his experiences

Yaman, who began smoking on the age of 16 due to his circle of associates in Çankırı, continued this behavior for about 30 years.

Yaman, who began to have well being issues in the next years, had his huge toe amputated in 2013 and his proper leg was amputated under the knee in 2019 due to this illness, which is usually seen in people who smoke.

Yaman, who is married and has 2 sons, stated that the toes subsequent to him melted after his huge toe was reduce due to his well being issues.


Yaman acknowledged that his leg couldn’t be saved both. “Smoking is de facto dangerous. I lost my father in October 2020. My father hasn’t smoked for 50 years, however he smoked on time. After we went to the hospital, when he walked by the door, the physician requested, ‘What number of packs of cigarettes does he smoke?’ he requested. Even after 50 years, a cigarette has one thing to come out of it.” used the phrases.


Egregious, “I’m retired, the cash I obtain solely goes to the kitchen wants. I’ve to work however I can’t work. Now the place can I discover a job. My occupation was already a building employee. It bothers me in each manner. {People} mustn’t smoke in the event that they assume about themselves, their mom, father, spouse and youngsters.” stated.

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Expressing that the amputation of his foot modified his life, Yaman stated, “Earlier than this sickness, I might exit and journey, now I am unable to. I want I might work although I am in good well being, however it’s hindering.” he stated.

Yaman, a Buerger patient who lost his leg due to smoking in Çankırı, talked about his experiences #2


Buerger, Thromboangiitis Obliterans (TAO) as it’s referred to as in medical language, is a peripheral arterial illness generally known as Pruning Illness among the many individuals and threatening younger males who are people who smoke. Buerger’s illness causes obstruction and harm to the construction of the arteries.

Because the limbs reminiscent of arms and toes can’t be fed as a results of the blockages that happen, wounds happen in these areas and these areas can flip into gangrene and decay in the longer term.

As a outcome, critical penalties reminiscent of amputation of arms and toes can happen.

Yaman, a Buerger patient who lost his leg due to smoking in Çankırı, talked about his experiences #3

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