World’s largest cargo plane damaged in war

War broke out between Ukraine and Russia after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered navy motion.

Whereas coming into the fifth day of the war, Russian forces additionally attacked Hostomel Airport in Ukraine.


It was introduced that the world’s largest cargo plane Antonov-225 Mriya was damaged because of the assault.

Ukrainian International Minister Dmytro Kuleba confirmed the standing of An-225 in an announcement on Twitter.

Kuleba, “That is the world’s largest plane, An-225 ‘Mriya’ (Dream) Russia could have destroyed our ‘Mriya’. However they may by no means destroy our dream of a robust, free and democratic European state. We’ll prevail!” stated.

The world’s largest cargo plane: Antonov An-225


After Kuleba’s assertion, President of Ukraine Zelensky additionally spoke on the topic right now.

Zelensky, “We misplaced our AN225 Mriya (Dream) yesterday. Right this moment we’re constructing our new ‘dream’.” used the phrases.

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Then again, An-225, the world’s largest and strongest plane, was specifically designed and produced as a transport plane in Ukraine in 1985-1988.

The An-225, which made its first flight on 21 December 1988, was designed for basic goal cargo transportation as much as 250 tons, transportation of products weighing 180-200 tons in a single flight throughout the continent, intercontinental transportation of products weighing as much as 150 tons and heavy and large-scale cargoes as much as 200 tons. Designed for transport.

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The plane, which was nominated for the Guinness E-book of Information in 240 fields by the Worldwide Aviation Federation, holds 253 tons of cargo, 187.6 tons of mono cargo, and 42.1 meters of cargo. The plane, with a size of 84 meters and a most payload of 250 tons, can attain a velocity of 850 kilometers per hour and rise to 12 thousand meters.

An-225 can journey as much as 4 thousand kilometers with a weight of 200 tons. The 84-meter-long, 18.1-meter-high plane requires a 3,500-meter runway to take off.

World's largest cargo plane damaged in war #3

World's largest cargo plane damaged in war #4

World's largest cargo plane damaged in war #5

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