Woman born without a vagina in Şırnak is waiting for support for surgery

SY, 31, who lives in the Cizre district of Şırnak, was taken to the hospital by his household when he fell unwell on the age of 13.

Within the management carried out right here, it was decided that SY didn’t have a vagina and a uterus.


SY, who was taken to all of the hospitals in the area by his household for the therapy of the illness known as Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, went to the physician in Istanbul for therapy with the recommendation of the physician he labored with when there was no resolution.

Woman born without a vagina in Şırnak is waiting for support for surgery VIDEO


SY skilled nice unhappiness when the surgery carried out in 2009 was unsuccessful. SY, who has been doing analysis, received hope once more when he discovered that the issue he had been experiencing for years could possibly be solved with one other surgery.

Saying that he doesn’t have the monetary energy for the surgery, SY seeks assist from philanthropists. Explaining that she wished to get married and have youngsters like each lady, SY mentioned that each one her goals have been left unfinished due to her sickness.

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SY acknowledged that he received sick on the age of 13 and was taken to the physician when his pains elevated, “There was nowhere I did not go. Then I received a job with a physician. He despatched me to a physician in Istanbul. When the physician examined me, he mentioned, ‘You do not have a uterus, you do not have a vagina.’ I used to be upset. I fell into despair. The medical doctors discovered a remedy for me. I had an operation in Istanbul. In. My surgery was unsuccessful. My psychology began to deteriorate. I searched the web. Now we have a instructor Unsal. He performs this kind of surgery. I need to have surgery once more. I need to regain my well being. For God’s sake, assist me. I even have goals. Please give my voice a voice. “ he mentioned.

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Explaining that there are solely 2 medical doctors in Turkey who carry out this surgery and that he now desires to determine a household, SY mentioned, “I need to have youngsters. So long as I get wholesome. I do not need something. I really feel very lonely. Day by day I really feel upset. I can not go to my buddies. I all the time look as much as them. I need a dwelling too. I need to be joyful too. I see youngsters, I am embarrassing. Now I am uncomfortable.” mentioned.

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Dicle College Hospitals Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Deputy Chief Doctor Assoc. Dr. Nurullah Peker mentioned the next concerning the illness:

“Though the illness is a illness that happens in the course of the embryological interval when the child is in the mom’s womb, as a results of some problems in the mom, some medicine used and a few genetic situations, the reason for the illness in many sufferers is not identified precisely. Breast improvement, which we name ‘secondary intercourse traits’, particularly in a woman who has reached puberty, “Pubic and axillary hair progress” is recognized in the absence of menstruation. This illness is seen in one in all 4,000 to five,000 women in the group. After the prognosis of those sufferers, we carry out some surgical procedures in the therapy of the illness, particularly when the age of marriage is reached.

These surgical correction procedures are in the type of creating a vagina, which we name a uterus, or a uterus transplant if there is no uterus. Surgical strategies have benefits, benefits and drawbacks over one another. There is by no means a 100% success in surgical therapy, however the vital factor is to determine a regular relationship path in these sufferers. Though these sufferers have a very low probability of getting pregnant in comparison with different girls in the society, they’re out there with sure therapy strategies, albeit barely. The vital factor right here is that if a woman who has reached puberty doesn’t menstruate particularly after the age of 15, mother and father ought to undoubtedly present it to an obstetrician.”

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