Will KYK Debt Interest Rates Be Deleted? How Will KYK Debt Restructure?

Will KYK Debt Interest Rates Be Deleted? How Will KYK Debt Restructure? How will the Kyk debt be paid? How much money will be given in total? When to apply. When did the applications start? How much of your debt will be deleted. How to apply for configuration. How will the payments be?

With the decision published in the Official Gazette on November 17, the restructuring of the KYK debt officially started. Taxes, premium debts, bridge and traffic fines will be restructured. The regulation paving the way for the payment of debts in 18 installments was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

In case of advance payment until the first installment date, the accrued interest will be deleted. The first installment payment will be made in January 2021. Citizens who hisse all their debts will receive a 50 percent discount in D-PPI during the first 2 installments. Debts will be out of scope after 2020.

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