Wild chicken invasion in New Zealand that defeated the pandemic

Wild chicken invasion in New Zealand that defeated the pandemic

A village in New Zealand is in bad trouble with an increasing number of wild chickens in an epidemic

New Zealand, which defeated the coronavirus by announcing that all Kovid-19 patients have recovered, ended the isolation measures across the country, but a small village in the city of Auckland, Titirangi, is in trouble with another epidemic.

The village, where less than 4,000 people live, is under the invasion of wild chickens, whose numbers increased during the isolation during the epidemic.

According to Titiraga residents, between 20 and 30 wild chickens in the village damage the surroundings, causing the villagers to suffer from sleep disturbance by constantly singing, and even causing “cat-sized rats” to come to the food they left.

While some village residents said in a statement on social media that the chickens gave the village an attractive character, others strongly disagree.

One village resident describes the chicken infestation with the words “like in movies based on Stephen King’s novels.”

“This situation inflamed old separations in the village,” said Greg Presland, a resident of the village who was assigned to deal with the sorun, and explained that the sorun began 12 years ago when a village resident left his two pet chickens to nature.

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The number of chickens, whose number özgü increased over the years, özgü reached 250 in 2019. “The lack of sleep and the destruction of their neighborhood özgü made some people really hate them,” Presland said, explaining that the chickens are damaging the roots of the endangered endemic kauri trees.

Village residents who decided to leave the village in 2019 had gathered the wild chickens with large nets they had set up and were sent elsewhere, allowing them to stay alive.

However, the capture of the two chickens in the village was suspended due to the isolation imposed due to the epidemic. These two breed during the epidemic, raising the number of wild chickens in the village again.

Presland stressed that some villagers will have difficulties as they continue to feed the chickens, but efforts to catch them will continue.

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Source:The Guardian

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