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One of the world’s most visited attractions is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous tower in Paris, but also known as the symbol of Love and Beauty all over the world. Eiffel’s name was given in honor of Gustavo Eiffel, who built the tower. Gustav Eiffel has called this tower a “300-foot tower”. The Parisians call this monument “Iron Lady”. The Eiffel Tower is located near the Sena River, opposite the Ien columns next to the Mars stadium.

The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustavo Eiffel Company between 1889 and 1889 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The tower was an example for the 1889 World Exhibition and was to demonstrate the magnificence of French engineering and technology.
The Eiffel Tower could not be built. So, in 1887 when French engineer Gustav Eiffel decided to create the monument, his opinion was met with criticism. The Parisians have seen and hated the tower as a shame of shame. Some artists are like a road lamp, and others have been regarded as a factory chimney. They even claimed that this building would seriously undermine Paris’s appearance. Some people have collected and collected their writers and artists together and used their troops against this tower. There were 300 well-known persons in that work. Among them are Alexander Dumas, Charles Guo and Gi de Mopassan. The architect of the tower is Gustavo Eifel, not Stefen Sauvestre, who is the author of the Swiss Murico Koechin. Steven played an important role in the design of this project because his outward appearance played a more important role in attracting the attention of the Parisians. He has prepared these samples together with Emile Nouguier, his professional and artistic companion. The tower was completely 7 739 401 francs 31 cents, but the tower did not have to remain long. The tower was planned to disappear after 20 years
In 1889, over 1.9 million people visited the area during the five months preceding the opening, and 90 percent of the expenditure spent until the end of the year. So from the earliest times, this tower has become one of the places to earn a living. In 1889, at the opening of the tower, a total of 10,000 gas lanterns, two projectors and light beacons at the head were reflected. The colors of the lights represented the flag of France with blue, white and red. For the first time in 1900, the tower was decorated with light bulbs. Almost during that time, a large number of ads were placed in the tower and this was considered the world’s tallest place of advertising. These events continued until 1934. In the year 2000, many changes were made in the tower, and even in 2003, Eiffel wore a new light-cloth. There were 20,000 lamps with 40 km long light systems.

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As for the technical specifications, the height of the tower is 300 meters and the height of the antenna is 325 meters. Its width is 125 meters, its weight is 7300 tonnes, including a total of 10,100 tonnes and 1665 units of steel. The tower was completed by 3,000 workers for up to 26 months. 18,038 pieces of iron were used and brought together with 2.5 million rivets. There were no deaths during the construction of the tower. On the four corners of the tower, the French engineer, scientist, and the names of different people who worked there.
The Eiffel Tower is painted with 60 tonnes of paint every 7 years. Over time, the tower’s color has come from red to brown, then to the color of coffee, and then to the present silver color. Three color tones are used when painting the tower. The brightest color is used at the peak, and the darkest color is in the bottom part. Up to now, more than 900 tons of paint have been used in painting. Sometimes suicide situations are also taking place in the tower. Almost 400 people have committed suicide by throwing themselves in this tower.
The open sections are 57 m, 115 m and 276 m high. Incoming visitors use three elevators. There is a dining room and a restaurant on the first floor and on the second floor. There is also an exhibition on the two floors, which combines the history of the Eiffel Tower. Every visitor who wants to go to the top floor is examined on the second floor and is allowed to remain on the third floor after the search.
During the Second World War, before the Hitler came to Paris in 1940, the French had destroyed the tower of the tower and could not be repaired because of the war. For this reason, German soldiers could not reach their highest level in the tower.


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