WHO: We do not expect the monkeypox virus to turn into an epidemic

The world, which was about to recuperate from the coronavirus epidemic, was panicked by the monkeypox virus.

Talking at the on-line seminar on the newest developments concerning the virus World Well being Group (WHO) monkeypox knowledgeable Dr. Rosamund Lewis gave details about the newest state of affairs.

“The bulk caught the virus because of gay intercourse”

Lewis shared the data that the majority of the instances detected up to now have been contaminated with the virus because of gay intercourse.

Lewis warned that not all sufferers with monkeypox have giant blisters on their pores and skin, “In the overwhelming majority of present instances, blisters which can be concentrated in the genital space and can’t be seen with the bare eye have been detected. These invisible however contagious blisters can stay in the physique for two to 4 weeks.” made the assertion.

Stating that it’s not but clear whether or not the virus is transmitted by way of sexual activity or shut contact in these instances, Lewis mentioned. “There seems to be an improve in a type of transmission that went undetected earlier than that.” made its evaluation.

WHO: We do not expect the monkeypox virus to turn into an epidemic #1

“It’s not anticipated to turn into a brand new epidemic”

Lewis, “These instances are not anticipated to develop into a brand new outbreak, however there are a lot of unknowns about the illness. We are not certain how the virus unfold, in addition to whether or not stopping herd immunity applications towards smallpox many years in the past has accelerated the present unfold.” mentioned.

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WHO: We do not expect the monkeypox virus to return to epidemic #2

There are 257 instances in complete in the world.

In the assertion made yesterday by WHO, it was reported that as of 26 Might, 257 of the monkeypox instances reported from 23 international locations have been confirmed and 120 suspected instances have been investigated.

In accordance to the information of AA, the monkeypox virus, which was found in Africa and periodically went out of the continent, was final seen in England on Might 6 and unfold to European international locations in the following days.

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WHO: We do not expect monkeypox to turn into epidemic #3

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