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Yilmaz Ceylan

Wondering about Yılmaz Ceylan; where is he originally from? How old? What is his sign? How tall? What is his weight? Knees and more in this article

Born in Istanbul in December 1982, Yılmaz Ceylan studied Applied Theater in İsmek between 2015 and 2016 from Burcu Alp. He participated in Eflatun Art Applied Theater in 2016 and 2017, and in Drama in Eyüp Municipality in 2017. He has appeared in many TV series until today. Its height is 1.79 cm, its weight is 85, and its zodiac sign is capricorn. Unfortunately, the curious information about his education, his origin and his marital status has not been reached yet.

TV Series

2013 – Don’t End Like This
2013 – Ottoman Slap
2014 – Ashore
2014 – The Fugitive
2013 – Wren (Hitler)
2014 – Code Name Reaction
2014 – Forbidden
2014 – Resurrection
2015 – Black Box
2015 – Real Murder Stories
2016 – Back Streets
2016 – You Put Your Name (Murat Commissioner)
2017 – No: 309
2018 – Payitaht Abdulhamid
2018 – White Carnation
2019 – Fig Tree – (Şefik)

In addition, in 2015, he starred in the movies named Blockade and Dancing with the Jackals. In 2017, he took the stage of the theater play called A Summer Night Dream. Yilmaz Ceylan, who is in the cast of the Incir Tree, which is broadcast on TRT 1 screens, plays the character of Sefik in the series. There are names such as Arif Nazım, Özlem Güveli, Burakhan Yılmaz and Sidal Damar in the series.

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