Who is Türkan Şoray? Whence? Life and Movies

Türkan Şoray

Real name: Türkan Şoray
Date of birth: 28/06/1945 (74 years old)
Education Status: High school
Marital Status: Divorced (with Cihan Ünal)
Size: 1.64
Weight: 66
Zodiac sign: crab
Job: Player
Place of birth: Istanbul

Who is Türkan Şoray? Married or single? What is your sign? How old is he? Where originally from Everything about the master actor of Turkish Cinema is in this article

Türkan Şoray, the beloved actress of Turkish cinema known as the “Sultan”, met with cinema in the 1960s, and received her first cinema award at the 1964 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival with her Acı Hayat movie.

Şoray, who was born in Istanbul in 1945, stated in an interview that he is the Kabardino Circassian.

His father, Halit Şorak, is a civil servant in the Railways, and his mother is Meliha Şoray a housewife. He started his education life in Istanbul Rami Taş Elementary School and completed him in Feriköy Primary School. His father later became a Poli officer and his mother started working in the tire factory due to financial difficulties. Türkan Şoray had to deal with the affairs of the house. His brother, Nazan Şoray, was born in 1954, and then his parents divorced due to conflict.

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He stayed with his brother and Türkan Şoray mother and started to live in Karagümrük. Here he met Emel Yıldız, the daughter of house soap, where they moved, and thanks to him, he stepped into Yeşilçam. He was given a role for the movie called A Girl in the Village I Love, and he has now begun to climb the first steps of his career. When he was only 15 years old, he stepped into acting for the first time and was also engaged to Şadi Çardırcı. After his first film, proposals started to come, he left Şadi Çadırcı and got engaged to Türker İnanoğlu.

Before and after 1966, only Türkan Şoray films started to appear, and due to the interest of the audience, filmmakers started to see Türkan Şoray as a money machine. However, there were so many movies that the audience started to get bored after a while.

Türkan Şoray, who always remained at the top until the beginning of the 70’s, decided to reduce the number of films since then. Her name was mentioned with Rüçhan Adlı for a long time, and she married Cihan Ünal in 1983 and has a daughter named Yağmur, born in 1985. This marriage ended in 1987.

Some of his movies

Gravitational Love – 1995 For A Love Sake – 1994 Sweet Betüş – 1993 Şahmaran – 1993 Menekşe Bay – 1991 It Was Cold And The Rain Was Drilling – 1990 Berdel – 1990 A Dead Sea – 1989 Island – 1988 Nick Goncagül – 1987 Ten Women – 1987 Gramophone Avrat – 1987 My Dreams, My Love And You – 1987 A Woman A Life – 1985 Wardrobe – 1985 I Want A Love – 1984 I Love You – 1983 Mistress – 1983 I Bury You In My Heart – 1982 Mine – 1982 If They Kill The Snake – 1981 I Will Equip My Pistol Handle With A Shot – 1980 Expats – 1980 Resentment Çiçek – 1979 Hazal – 1979 Love and Hate – 1979 Sweet Nigar – 1978 Cevriyem – 1978 A Love Story – 1978 Sultan – 1978 Dila Hanım – 1977 Dam – 1977 Selvi Boylum, Al Yazmalım – 1977

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