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Who is the leading role in the Lucifer series? Questions are frequently searched on search engines. Who is Tom Ellis? How old, age, wife, child, height, daughter, weight movies and tv shows, Doctor Who, Lucifer, Merlin series, who is Nora Ellis? The answer to your questions such as REVIEW

Since the day Fox and Netflix broadcast the Lucifer series, it has attracted great attention. The reason for this is that the plot of the series is interesting and undoubtedly the handsome actor Tom Ellis, who fascinates with his British accent. Let’s get to know Tom Ellis better.

Who is Tom Ellis?

Tom Ellis was born on 17 November 1978 in Cardiff, Wales, UK. His full name is Thomas John Ellis. Ellis’s brother is a nun, whose mother and father are a conservative Christian.

His career

Successful actor Tom Ellis, who has appeared in many TV series and films, started his first experience in acting in 2001. He portrayed the character of John Browdie for the first time in the British television series The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. However, contrary to popular belief, it took a little longer for him to become a remarkable player. The production of which he became famous is the role of Doctor William P. Rush in the series Rush, which started airing in 2014.

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Tom Ellis and Lucifer Morningstar Role

After his success in the Rush series, Ellis gave life to the character of Lucifer Morningstar in FOX’s new and highly controversial series Lucifer. In many places, he attributes the success of the series to Tom Ellis’ acting as well as the plot of the series. Ellis became even more popular, increasing his fan base in the series Lucifer.

In the first period when the series started airing, it received many complaints on the grounds that it could harm the Christian religion. However, the TV show’s fan base was already formed. After 3 seasons, FOX did not approve for the new season of the series due to the rating. Then, fans of the show started a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag Save Lucifer. Then Netflix made a deal with the producers of the series for Season 4 and 5.

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Besides the Lucifer TV series Ellis, Doctor Who (season 3), Harley Street and Merlin (season 3) He has also appeared in such series.

Tom Ellis Private Life – Is he married? -Partner

Tom Ellis is an actress like himself Estelle morgan had a relationship with and Nora Ellis A daughter named, was born, but the couple’s relationship did not continue. Then the player again Tamzin Outwaite From this marriage of Ellis, who entered the world house in 2006 with Florence Elsie Ellis and Marnie Mae Ellis There are two daughters named. However, the couple decided to split in 2014.

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Ellis, who entered the world house for the second time in 2019, is an actress like himself. Meaghan Oppenheimer entered the world house with.

Tom Ellis Age

The handsome actor born in 1978 is 41 years old.

Tom Ellis Height


Instagram and Twitter Account


@ tomellis17

TV series

2004Messiah – Dr Philip Ryder

Midsomer Murders- Lee Smeeton

2005– Love Soup- Mike

Waking The Dead- Harry Taylor (season 5 / 7.8 episodes)

2006-07- Suburban Shootout- PC Haines

Pulling- Sam

2007– The Catherine Tate Show- Sam Speed

Doctor Who- Tom Milligan (Season 3 / Episode 13)

2008– The Passion -Phillip

– Harley Street- Dr Ross Jarvis

– Trial & Retribution -Nick Fisher

2009– Monday Monday- Steven McColl

Miranda- Gary Preston

2010– Accused- Neil McGray

– Merlin- Cenred

2011– The Fades – Mark

2012– Once Upon a Time – Robin Hood

– Silent Witness -Pere Jacob

2013Gothica- Victor Frankenstein

2014Rush- Dr William P. Rush

2015– 2020 Lucifer- Lucifer Morningstar

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