Who is Sezen Aksu? Whence? Life and Songs

Sezen Aksu

Real name: The Iliad Alishan
Date of birth: 05/06/1996 (23 years old)
Marital Status: Single
Size: 1.58
Weight: 48
Zodiac sign: The fish
Job: Player
Place of birth: Istanbul
Social media:

Sezen Aksu Wondering about how old is he? What is his sign? What is his real name? Where originally from What is his height and weight? Married? Does he have children? Answers to questions and a brief biography of his albums, songs music career

Sezen Aksu, He was born in Denizli sarayköy on 13 July 1954. Her mother is a science teacher, Şehriban Hanım, a Thessaloniki immigrant, and her father is Sami Yıldırım, a teacher of Rize from Laz and a Mathematics teacher.

After living in Denizli until the age of three, Aksu moved to Izmir with his family. Growing up with his brother named Nihat, Aksu became interested in many art branches in his youth. He took painting lessons from Cengiz Bozkurt for a while. He also took theater and dance lessons.

Aksu in 1970 Weekend Another pop artist, Nilüfer, came in sixth in the ‘Altın Ses’ contest led by Ajda Pekkan, opened by the magazine. Thus, Nilüfer released her first album before Sezen Aksu. Entering Ege University Faculty of Agriculture in 1973, Aksu sent three of his songs to a record company in 1974. The artist, who married Ali Engin Aksu in November of the same year, also left her school. He settled in Istanbul for record production in the last months of 1974.

Music career

Music career attended in 1970 Weekend opened by the magazine Golden Voice It started with being sixth in the competition. In 1975, Sezen Seley With the name, he made his first 45, Haydi Şansım. This is the second 45’s that he released under the name of Sezen Aksu, which sold very little. The Unlived Years / Sorry watched. The third 45 to make him number one on the forty-five records for a long time. Would not be / impulsivereleased in 1976.

The artist then started his first stage work in 1976. Aksu, who started to perform at Bebek Belediye Gazinosu, released the albums Allahaısmar We / How Many Years Passed Between, Kaybolan Yıllar / Neye Yarar 45 and the first 33 “Allahaısmartık” albums in 1977.

In 1979, he played in the movie “Minik Serçe” directed by Atıf Yılmaz. “Little Sparrow” is the first movie that Aksu starred in.

On July 10, 1981 Beşiktaş Marriage OfficeHe married Sinan Özer in He had a son named Mithat Can Özer from this marriage. Mithat Can Özer has taken his place in the art world like his mother.

In addition, the popular Artist Sezen Aksu appeared before the audience as a producer in the 1990s. Thus, he had a very important place in the music of the 1990s, and he brought many names such as Sertab Erener, Harun Kolçak, Aşkın Nur Yengi, Levent Yüksel, Işın Karaca, Hande Yener, Yıldız Tilbe to the music market and supported many important artists.

Sezen Aksu has more than 400 poems and compositions to date. 197 of these poems were published in the book Missing Poems. The second of this book was released by Metis Publishing in November 2016 with the name “Missing Poetry Second Book”.

Sezen Aksu, who has made numerous albums after this year, has succeeded in re-establishing a throne in the hearts of music lovers with her album A Little Pop A Little Sezen in 2017 and the song Aykırı Çiçek in 2018.

Here are Sezen Aksu Albums

A Little Pop, A Little Sezen – 2017
Kissed – 2011
I Walk in Dream Gardens… – 2009
Sea Star – 2008
Snowdrop – 2005
Excuse – 2005
Before Summer Ends – 2003
Deliveren – 2000
Name Hidden – 1998
Wedding and Funeral – 1997
Dream Gardens – 1996
Light Rises from the East – 1995
The Song of the Deli Girl – 1993
Smile – 1991
Sezen Aksu Says – 1989
Sezen Aksu`88 – 1988
Go – 1986
Don’t Cry – 1984
Turquoise – 1982
Crying Is Good – 1981
Yours – 1980
Sparrow – 1978
Thank God – 1977

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