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Who is Rachel Weisz?

Rachel Weisz came to the world in England on 7 March 1970. Born from a Hungarian father and an Austrian mother, Weisz began modeling at an early age. The beautiful star, who opened her eyes in London, directed her to receive education in acting when the literature teacher noticed her talent at the age of 16. It is known that his family had to move from Germany to England due to being Jewish in World War II. Originally from Austria, Rachel began her acting career in the 1990s.

His career

He started his acting career at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Weizs, who finished second in art school, received many offers from TV and shaped his career on television. During this period, he took part in many short films. He had his first cinema experience with the Death Machine. In 1996 it became Chain Reaction. Weisz, who starred in this film with names such as Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman, also found the opportunity to improve himself.

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The film that laid the steps of fame on Weisz’s feet was the Mummy series. The beautiful star, who starred with Brandon Freaser in The Mummy, which was shot by Universal in 1999, succeeded in adding fame to his reputation with this film. He then appeared in the movie Mummy Returns. Another notable film by Rachel Weisz is Enemy at the Gates, The Enemy at the Gate. The beautiful actress, who starred with Jude Law in this film, gave an ossier performance. He was appreciated for his performance in the movie Agora. The beautiful star, who recently attracted attention with Disobedience and The Favorite movies, will also star in Marvel’s Black Widow, which will be released in May.

Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz has been with her one-time co-star Brandon Freaser. He then married Daniel Craig, whom I knew through the James Bond movies. He became a citizen of the United States of America in 2011. He has a child named Henry Chance Aronofsky.

Movies starring Rachel Weisz

– The Favorite / The Favorite (Sarah Churchill) (Motion Picture)

2017 –
Disobedience (Ronit Krushka) (Motion Picture)

2017 –
The Mercy (Clare Crowhurst) (Motion Picture)

2017 – My Cousin Rachel (Rachel Ashley) (Motion Picture)

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2016 – My Light of Life (Hannah Roennfeldt) (Motion Picture)

2016 – Denial (Deborah Lipstadt) (Motion Picture)

2016 –
Complete Unknown (Motion Picture)

2015 –
The Lobster (Short Sighted Woman) (Motion Picture)

2015 –
Youth (Leda Ballinger) (Motion Picture)

2013 –
Oz the Great and Powerful (Evanora)

2012 –
Bourne’s Legacy (Marta)

2012 –
360 (Rose)

2011 –
Eight Pages (Nancy Piercan) (TV Movie)

2011 –
House of Horror (Libby Atenton)

2011 –
The Dark Side of Love (Hester Collyer)

2010 –
Unbound Captives (May)

2010 The Whistleblower (Kathryn Bolkovac)

2009 –
Looking From My Heaven (Abigail Salmon)

2009 –
Agora (Hypatia)

2008 –
Exactly, Maybe (Summer Hartley)

2007 – The Brothers Bloom (Penelope Stamp)

2007 –
Fred Claus (Wanda)

2007 –
My Blueberry Nights / My Love Cake (Sue Lynne)

2006 –
The Fountain / The Source (Queen Isabel / Izzi Creo)

2006 –
Eragon (Saphira)

2005 –
Constantine (Angela Dodson – Isabel Dodson)

2005 – The Constant Gardener / Backyard (Tessa Quayle)

2004 – Envy / For Jealousy (Debbie Dingman)

2003 – The Shape of Things (Evelyn Ann Thompson)

2003 –
Jury (Marlee)

2003 –
Intrigue (Lily)

2002 –
About a Guy (Rachel)

2001 –
The Mummy Returns (Princess Nefertiri / Evelyn Carnahan)

2001 –
Enemy at the Gates / Enemy at the Gate (Tanja Tschernova)

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2000 –
Beautiful Things (Petula)

1999 –
Sunshine (Greta)

1999 –
Mummy (Evelyn Carnahan)

1998 – The Land Girls (Ag (Agapanthus))

1998 –
I Want You (Helen)

1997 –
To The End (Marty Pilcher)

1997 –
Sea of ​​Love (Amy Foster)

1996 –
The Stolen Beauty (Miranda)

How old is Rachel Weisz?


Is Rachel Weisz married

Married to Danile Craig

Rachel Weisz height


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