Who is Onur Tuna? Where is it originally from? Life and Biography

Onur Tuna

Onur Tuna, the beloved actor of the screens, is he married? How old? How tall? What’s his sign? Where originally from Everything you wonder about the player is in this article

First years

Master player Onur Tuna was born on July 16, 1985 in Çanakkale. His mother is a Thessaloniki immigrant and his father is from Çanakkale.

Onur Tuna, whose mother is retired from the land registry office, his brother and father are mathematicians, completed his high school education in Bursa. He then graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Economics. He also improved himself by taking acting training in Ayla Algan and Müjdat Gezen.

His childhood years passed in his hometown, Çanakkale, where he was born and raised. He stated that his dream of acting started from Primary School, that he played İbiş in the theater while he was in Primary School and that he loved this profession since that day.

He studied at the Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory for 1.5 years. In addition to acting, the successful player, who is quite ambitious with his voice, plays the guitar and also composes. He has 70 compositions, he stated that he trusts 14 of them, but sees himself as a musician with four walls. Despite this, he also stated that acting is always in the first place.

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Onur Tuna, who worked as a professional model for 4 years in İzmir, played volleyball and basketball for a period with a license. Its height is 1.85 cm and its weight is 80.

Acting career

He has been involved in projects such as Filinta, Brave Heart, Life Continues, Huzur Street, Golden Tray and Forbidden Apple. He continues his acting career with the character of Alihan in the series. The master player who will play in the series of Doctors, who has just started broadcasting, is single.

He has been living in Beşiktaş, Istanbul for many years. One day, he has a cat named Tekir, who follows him while walking on the street and does not leave him. Onur Tuna, a shoe hobbyist, has more than 100 shoes. Onur Tuna, who took his friends to dinner with the money he earned in the first series of his acting career, also stated that he bought a television home. The successful actor, who is very friendly to dentists, also enjoys playing video games and going to concerts with them at home.

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