Who is Omar Ayuso? Omar of the Elite Series

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Who is Omar Ayuso? | Biography

Omar Ayuso was born on March 26, 1998 in Madrid, Spain. Growing up at Manzanares el Real, Ayuso was torn between being an actor and audio-visual communication for her education. However, he studied at the Charles III University of Madrid due to his dream of becoming an actor.


He started his acting career for the first time in 2004 when he was 6 years old with Pedro Almodovar’s Bad Education (La mala education). After a long break, he started with the role of Mami in the Spanish TV series El Continental. Then, in 2018, thanks to a friend, he participated in the shooting of the Spanish-made Netflix series Elite. Omar Ayuso, who auditioned the same day with Aron Piper from there, received his positive response three days later. In Elite series, he played the character of Omar Shanaa, who is only a gay Muslim with his own name. He starred with actors such as Itzan Escamilla, Aron Piper, Ester Exposito and Miguel Herran in the Elite series.
In 2019, she starred in short films like Disseminare de Jools Beardon: Denzo, By Jorge Cantos Ráfagas de Vida Salvaje: Luiso and Maras de Salvador Calvo.

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In 2020, he appeared in the video clip of Juro named Rosalia.

The Age of Omar Ayuso | How old


Height – Weight




Her boyfriend

Although Omar’s character in the Elite series is very curious due to his being gay, it is preferred not to come up with this. Therefore, the relationship status is unknown.

Series and Movies

Short film

2019 – Disseminare de Jools Beardon: Denzo,

2019 – Ráfagas de Vida Salvaje by Jorge Cantos,

2019 – He acted in short films such as Luiso and Maras de Salvador Calvo.


2004 – Bad Education (La mala education)

TV series

2018 – El Continantial

2019 – Elite (Netflix)

Video clip

2020: Juro que de Rosalía

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