Who is Matt Smith? 11th Time Lord of Doctor Who

Also known as the Eleventh Doctor:

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Aside from many TV shows and movies, Matt Smith most impressed us was his role in Doctor Who. Appearing as the Eleventh Doctor, Smith has rolled up his sleeves to take part in productions such as His House, Last Night in Soho and Morbius in 2020. Let’s take a look at Smith’s acting career, which we will watch a lot in 2020.

Who is Matt Smith?

The actor, whose real name is Matthew Robert Smith, was born on October 28, 1982 in Northampton / England. He spent his childhood years in Northampton. Smith, who dreamed of becoming a professional footballer in his childhood years, could not realize this dream due to an injury. After quitting sports, she joined the National Youth Theater and completed her university education at East Anglia Univesty. Smith, who graduated from Drama and Creative Writing Department here, followed by London theaters. Murder in the Cathedral, Fresh Kills, The History Boys and On the Shore of the Wide World He took part in such games.

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His first foray into television as Jim Taylor, directed by Philip Pullman The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North took part in adaptations of his books. His first lead acting experience is the role of Danny in an old BBC series Party Animals. Smith, who was announced to be the Eleventh Doctor in January 2009, also Doctor Who He also earned the title of being the youngest Doctor to take part in his journey. in 2010 At Doctor Who The actress, who appeared as 11th Doctor, as Bert Bushnell in 2012 Bert and dickie He starred in the movie named.

In 2015, he voiced Skynet / Alex, known as artificial intelligence, in the movie on Terminator Genisys.

In 2016, he played the character of Philip Mountbatten in the Netflix series The Crown.

Matt Smith and the Doctor Who Adventure

Matt Smith, who was announced as the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who in 2009, announced to his first father that he was selected for this role. At the age of 26, the youngest actor to play Doctor, Smith named the Doctor, who was named in the Guinnes Book of Records, from Deavid Tennant. Smith was accompanied by Jenna Coleman and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. He took over the role of Doctor in the 5th season and after reviving the 11th Doctor for 3 seasons, he transferred the role to the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi with the Christmas Special Episode, ‘The Time of the Doctor’ on December 25, 2013.

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Private life

Matt Smith, who describes himself as an atheist, had a relationship with Daisy Lowe for 18 months, but they parted ways in November 2011. Scorpio Matt Smith’s nickname is Smithers. Big Blackburn Rovers fan, the actor loves to play the guitar and watch Futurama and South Park.

Matt Smith age – How Old?


Matt Smith Height


Matt Smith Boyfriend

Successful actress and singer Smith is with Lily James.


2008-In Bruges



2011-Christopher and His Kind

2012-Bert and Dickie


An Adventure Space in the Time

2014-Lost River


2016-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Patient Zero

Charlie says

2019-Official Secrets


Last Night in Soho

His House

TV series

2006The Ruby in the Smoke

Masterpiece Theater

2007The Shadow in the North

Party Animals

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The street

2009-Moses Jones

2010-The Sarah Jane Adventures

2011Night and the Doctor

2012-Lindalee’ss Doctor Who Review

2013-An Adventure in Space and Time

The Five (ish) Doctors Reboot

2016The Crown

2018-The Late Late Show with James Corden

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