Who is Manuş Baba? Whence? Life and Songs

Manus Baba

Who is Manuş Baba?

Who is the beloved artist Manuş Baba? Where is it originally from? How tall? How old is he? What is his sign? Education status? and you can find answers to many questions in this article.

Singer Manuş Baba Real name Mustafa Özkan was born on December 1, 1986 in Tarsus district of Mersin.

The single master artist is 1.82 meters tall. In 1996 they immigrated to Antalya with his family.

Manuş Baba is originally from Diyarbakır. After primary education (Barbaros Primary School) and High School (Antalya Gazi High School), she graduated from Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Music.

The real name of the beloved artist Manuş Baba is Mustafa Özkand. Originally from Diyarbakır, Manuş Baba is 1.82 tall and is a Sagittarius.

Manuş Baba, who started his music career when his father bought a guitar when he was still a child, graduated from Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Music.

What does manus mean? The master artist gave the answer to the question exactly as follows; He expressed that his grandmother called him Manuş in his childhood, meaning that he was a beautiful child. The fact that Manuş uses the word father next to him is the first word to come out of his language in infancy.

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Music Career and Album Songs

In 2016, Love Sorrow, in 2017, Dönersen Whistle and Not Worth. In 2019, he brought his album titled Iki Gözümün Çiçek, with music lovers.

In particular, Dönersen released his songs Whistle, Her Skirt Is In The Waist, Sevda, Clover In Front of Your Houses, Do You Know ?, Deeply Love You, Don’t Go, Gülcemal, Geceler Kara Tren and Istanbul and conquered the hearts of thousands of music lovers.

On October 20, 2017, he shot a clip for his song Dönersen Whistle Play, which he prepared with netd music label. In a short time, it reached a record of around 30 million views.

Her song named Iki Gözümün Ç Flower, which was added to the Youtube video site on March 3, 2019, reached around 10 million views.

There are many searches about the lover of the famous singer today. However, since he prefers to live his private life in secret, no information has been obtained on this subject.

You Can’t Go In This Air I’m Convinced, Wow, Sorrow Again? Her songs titled Don’t Go, Don’t Think of Me, and I’m With You, have reached serious viewing numbers on Youtube.

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