Who is Kristen Hancher? Where is it originally from? Life and Biography

Kristen hancher

Born in Ontario, Canada in May 1999, Kristen Hancher is a Taurus, 1.70 cm tall and 55 kg. He has a younger brother named Derek. Today he lives in Los Angeles, USA.

It is one of the most famous phenomenon names in the social media world. Hancher, who is also known for her singer, actress and dancer identities outside of social media, especially actively uses her Instagram account very often. He attracted attention with his fashion and model shoots that he shared in the first time and managed to reach millions of followers in a short time.

Thanks to his fame, he entered the acting world in a short period of time and appeared in web series such as Misshaps, School for School and Too Cool.

Kristen Hancher pre-fame;

He was actively involved in YouNow live broadcast network for the first time. He then continued with and reached over 20 million fans. She made her reputation famous by lip syncing with “Regret In Your Tears” especially with Nicki Minaj in May 2017.

Nowadays, she shares many videos such as makeup, courage and comedy with her followers on her Youtube channel. His brave posts on his Instagram account also gain the admiration of his followers. The famous phenomenon, who constantly changes his hair color, uses orange, green, yellow, white, purple, red, red, pink and many other colors in his hair.

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Reaching a serious fan base all over the world outside of Canada, Hancher’s Instagram account has 6 million followers as of 2019. The Youtube channel has 1.11 Mn subscribers. On the Twitter account, this number is 54.7 B Followers.

Does she have a boyfriend? if any, who?

In April 2016, she started dating Instagram celebrity Andrew Gregory. Their relationship ended in 2018. However, between those dates, when he was with his lover, he accidentally went live during that time, and the voices of his moments were heard by 14 thousand followers. The live broadcast lasted for 3 minutes, and 3.9 million users listened to the recording. After realizing his error, he removed the video. Later, the beautiful name, who realized this, apologized to his followers. In 2017, he explained to his followers that he was raped by his ex-girlfriend Andrew Gregory while he was sleeping, after which their relationship already ended.

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