Who is Kadir İnanır? Where is it originally from? Life and Biography

Kadir Believe

Real name: Kadir Believe
Date of birth: 15/04/1949 (70 years old)
Education Status: License
Marital Status: Single (with Jülide Kural)
Size: 1.84
Weight: 85
Zodiac sign: Coach
Job: Player
Graduation: Marmara University Radio-Television
Place of birth: Army

Master player Kadir BelieveHe was born on 15 April 1949 in Fatsa district of Ordu province as the last child of his family. Originally Trabzon is Sürmeneli. The last member of a large family with many children is the youngest of 14 siblings. His father is Mehmet İnanır and his mother is Rukiye İnanır. Singer Soner Arıca is his nephew.

During his primary and secondary education, he displayed his stage talent in various school shows. İnanır graduated from Istanbul Haydarpaşa High School, where he studied as a boarding student, and Marmara University Communication Faculty, Radio-Television Department.

Cinema career

In 1967 Sound magazine ‘He made it to the finals in the “Cinema Artist Competition” organized by Hide and seek He also won first place in his newspaper’s “Photonovel Artist Competition”.After playing in photo novels for a while Seven Steps Later He started cinema with a small role in the movie (1968).

Directed by Atıf Yılmaz, dated 1970, where he played the leading role for the first time. My black-eyed He shared the leading roles with Türkân Şoray in his movie. Later, he made many films with Şoray and became one of the male stars of Turkish cinema.

Sharing the leading role with Filiz Akın at the 5th Golden Boll Film Festival Shame Kadir İnanır, who was selected as the Best Actor for the movie (1973), shared the leading roles with Fatma Girik, Serpil Çakmaklı, Nur Sürer, Erdal Özyağcılar. The Avenger of the Snakes Şerif Gören won the Best Actor Award at the 1986 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Kadir İnanır in 1990 Medcezir Landscapes He also won the award for Best Actor at the 3rd Ankara Film Festival with his movie. In 1998, he presented the main news bulletin on Flash TV for 8 months.

2000 production in recent Turkish cinema Komser Şekspir The famous actor in the movie Sinan Çetin, after 24 years, in 2003 Unsent Letters He reunited with Türkân Şoray in the movie named. The duo, who have been associated with each other for many years, attracted great attention with this film.

In 2005, he was directed by Memduh Ün and Tunç Başaran and shared the lead roles with Fatma Girik, Cinema Is A Miracle He played in the production.

Inanir, who is also influential in the content of the films he plays, generally portrayed honorable, devoted and strong male types. Inanır’s longest running series, which starred in 182 motion pictures and 7 television series Marziye was named production. Broadcasted on Kanal D between 1995-1996 It Won’t Go Like This He hosted a news program called.

To Turkish cinema The successful actor who has worked hard, both the lines he uses and his tough attitude have added a different style to him and made him special.

Especially portrayed “Crazy Kadir” his character left a mark in the memories and remained on the agenda for a long time. Seulgi The actress, who brought her own line to her world, did not take many roles in comedy films.

Special life

Kadir İnanır, who is also interested in sociology, economy and politics and never married, has a frog (göden) collection. Hekimoğlu folk song Compiled with Ümit Tokcan.

For Kadir İnanır, in 2000 Mr. Derman A lawsuit was filed on charges of harassment for the sms she sent to her co-star Buket Saygı during the filming of the TV series. Although İnanır stated that he had sent the sms for “motivation” purposes, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison for “molting and insulting” in the lawsuit concluded in 2003, and this sentence was turned into a fine of 456 million 300 thousand TL and postponed due to good behavior.

Inanır, who had a herniated disc surgery in February 2012, then underwent another operation due to a tumor in his lungs.

Some Movies

Some of Kadir Inanir’s unforgettable films Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım, Tatar Ramadan, One Sip of Love, Death Road, Storm, Farewell Katya, Relief, Our Fight, Mules, Endings In Socialite, Three Friends, Wives Ward, The Last Executioner, The Sorrows Are Not Shared, The Circle of Sorrow , Seven Sleepers, Hope is Always There, Film Ended, Bedel, Ah Gardaşım .. He has also appeared in many TV series.

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