Who is Joaquin Phoenix, star of the Joker movie?

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Who is Joaquin Phoenix?

Joaquin Phoenix has recently become a name for himself with the Joker movie, where he played the leading role. Actor, who is an American, is also an important activist and musician. He was born in 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His full name is Joaquin Rafael Phoenix. Growing up in Poro Rico until the age of four, Phoenix moved with his family to Los Angeles, USA in 1978. America’s adventure started with this immigration. His father is John Lee Bottom and his mother is Arlyn Sharon Dunetz and the older brother of actor River Phoenix.

Starring movies

Joaquin Phoenix starred in 1995 to Die for with Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon and Casey Affleck. She starred alongside Liv Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Sean Penn in the 1997 movie U-Turn. He then appeared in Gladiator in 2000, Two Sides of the Night in 2007, and Woddy Allen’s Irrational Man in 2015. Finally, he gave life to the character Joker in the movie Joker.

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Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker character

He became the first acclaimed name to play the character of the Joker after Heath Ledger in the movie Joker. The name, which is already spoken to be nominated for the best actor award from the 2019 Oscars, has managed to come to the fore with the Joker movie.

Did Joaquin Phoenix win an Oscar?

The handsome actor has been with Rooney Mara since 2016. The 45-year-old actor was first nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award in the 2005 film Gladiator for his character Commodus. Afterwards, he played the musician Johnny Cash in the movie Walk the Line and was nominated for an Oscar once again. However, he still did not win. In 2012, he was nominated for the third time with the character of Freddie Quell in The Master movie and still did not win. At the 2019 Academy Awards, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​therefore one of the closest names to oskara.

Joaquin Phoenix Movies

2019- Joker (Arthur Fleck)

2018 – Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far… (John Callahan)

2017 – You Were Never Really Here (Joe)

2017 – Mary Magdalene (Jesus)

2015 – The Irrational Man (Abe)

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2014 – Hidden Flaw (Doc Sportello)

2014 – Captivated the Trials of Pamel… (Jimmy Emmett)

2013 – Once Upon a Time New York (Brubo Weiss)

2013 – Love (Theodore)

2012 – The Master (Freddie Sutton)

2012 – Dark Blood (Motion Picture)

2010 – I’m Still Here (Himself)

2008 – Two Lovers (Leonard Kraditor)

2007 – Crossroads (Ethan Learner)

2007 – Two Faces of the Night (Bobby Green)

2005 – Crossing Borders (John R. Cash)

2004 – The Village (Lucius Hunt)

2004 – Hotel Rwanda (Jack Daglish)

2004 – Team 49 (Jack Morrison)

2003 – All About Love (John)

2003 – Brother Bear (Kenai-Voice)

2002 – Signs (Merrill Hess)

2002 – Ultimate Fights From The Movie)

2001 – Buffalo Soldiers (Ray Elwood)

2001 – Recruit Soldiers (Ray Elwood)

2000 – Battle of the Gangs (Willie Gutierrez)

2000 – Gladiator (Commodus)

2000 – Master of Dreams (Abbe du Colmier)

1999 – 8MM (Max California)

1998 – Clay Pigeons (Clay Bidwell)

1998 – Return to Heaven (Lewis McBride)

1997 – U-Turn (Toby N.Tucker)

1997 – Inventing the Abbotts (Doug Holt)

1995 – Endless Passion / To Die For (Jimmy Emmett)

1986 – Space Camp (Max (as Leaf Phoenix)

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