Who is Felix Kramer? Dogs of Berlin and the star of the Dark

Who is Felix Kramer? Their questions are searched in search engines. Who is Felix Kramer, the Wolf Grimmer of Dogs of Berlin? How old is Felix Kramer? Where is Felix Kramer from? Is Felix Kramer married? How tall is Felix Kramer? You can find answers to such questions at

The life of Felix Kramer

Felix Kramer, Kurt Grimmer of Netflix’s second German series Dogs of Berlin after Dark, was born on March 23, 1973 in Berlin, Germany. Felix Kramer, who loves to do sports, shares the lead role in the series Dogs of Berlin, with the German actress Honorary Aid, who is originally Turkish. Felix Kramer, 45, also portrays Tronte Nielsen in 1986 in the TV series Dark. The 1.82-tall German star was especially impressive with her performance in the crime drama Dogs of Berlin.

Felix Kramer and Dogs of Berlin

Felix Kramer, who plays a German cop involved in dirty work in Dogs of Berlin, takes a job with his last chance to get out of dirty work. Kurt Grimmer, who accidentally sees a German football player of Turkish origin being found dead in a remote neighborhood of Berlin, sees this murder as a starting point to get rid of dirty work. But the police do not want to give this job alone to Kurt Grimmer (Felix Kramer). Erol Birkan, a police officer of Turkish origin, is recommended next to him. Fahri Yardım also plays the character of Erol Birkan.

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Felix Kramer’s career

In 1986, Felix Kramer gave life to the character of Tronte Nielsen in another of Netflix’s phenomenal German series Dark. Dark series show that performance in the show itself succeeded Felix Kramer, each directory in Turkey in an interview he gave on the loved, ‘Directory is an excellent thing to be loved in Turkey. We made this series working with great pleasure. It also excites me that it was shot in Berlin, where I was born. The fact that the series has Turkish fans also shows that it has a high addressing power because we did it.

When will the 3rd season of Dark be released?

Kramer will also appear in the final season of the Dark series. Although there is no news from Netflix about Dogs of Berlin, it seems certain that he will be one of the German actors we will see more of Felix Kramer from now on.

Also, Felix Kramer is an Aries.

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