Who is Bryan Cranston? Breaking Bad’s Walter White

Who is Bryan Cranston, the character of Walter White in Breaking Bad? questions are frequently searched in search engines. Who is Bryan Cranston? Vital? What are the TV series and movies he has played? Married? Who is his wife? You can find answers to your questions such as

Famous actor Bryan Cranston, who has appeared with many TV series and movies, is among the most striking productions of the TV series “Breaking Bad”, which was broadcast between 2008-2011. Cranston, who started his acting life in 1982, included “Saving Private Ryan” among the films.

Who is Bryan Cranston? Life and Marriage

Bryan Cranston was born on 7 March 1956 in Koliforni, USA. The mother of the actor, whose full name is ‘Bryan Lee Cranston’, is a radio actress named Pegg Sell. His father, Joe Cranston, is a former actor and boxer. Kyle Edward Cranston, his older brother, became an actor just like his father and brother. When Bryan Cranston’s parents decided to divorce when he was 11 years old, he and his older brother moved to his grandparents.

Completing his education life in Los Angeles, Cranston graduated from Canoga Park College in 1974. In 1976, he completed his associate’s degree in police science from Los Angeles Valley College.

Cranston, who previously trained for acting at the Los Angeles Granada Theater, is also a motorcycle enthusiast.

Introduction to Acting Life

Bryan Cranston, which is not easy to get into acting life, first started to work on the sets in the transport team and later as a production assistant.

In 1980, he made his first movie in costume in the movie “Alligator”, playing the role of the main character of the film, Alligator (monster). After this movie, which he starred with great efforts, he started to appear in commercial sets.

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His first movie was actually the movie “To Race the Wind” in 1980.

Finding love for the second time after his first marriage, Bryan Cranston wrote a script as a birthday present for his second wife, Robin Dearden. This scenario is the movie that was shot in 1999 with the name “Last Chance”. Bryan Cranston was the scriptwriter, director, producer and actor of the film.

Her Adventure That Begins With Her First Movie

The first known movie among the films he has played is “Saving Private Ryan” directed by Steven Spielberg in 1980. He starred in this movie with famous names such as Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel, Tom Sizemore and Edward Burns. In the movie, Bryan Cranston gave life to the character of Colonel IW Bryce.

By 2008 he was featured in a TV series that would be the turning point of his life, Bryan Cranston. This series is the Breaking Bad series, in which he shares the lead role with Aaron Paul. The series, which currently has the title of the series with the highest Imdb score, gave life to the character of Walter White in 62 episodes of 5 seasons. Bryan Cranston won many awards for this role.


2010 – 62nd Emmy Awards – Best Actor in Drama (Breaking Bad)

2014 – 71st Golden Globe Awards – Best Actor (Breaking Bad)

2014 – 66th Emmy Awards – Best Actor (Breaking Bad)

Their marriage

November 10, 1977 Mickey joined his life with Middleton. Their marriage ended on April 8, 1982.

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On November 8, 1989 he married Robin Dearden. The couple, who are still married, have a daughter named Taylor.

Bryan Cranston Twitter and Instagram Account

Twitter @bryancrans

Instagram @bryancranston

TV Series and Movies by Bryan Cranston

2018 – Untouchable (Phillip) (Movie)
2018 – Isle of Dog (Chief (voice)) (Movie)
2017 – The Disaster Artist (Bryan Cranston) (Movie)
2017 – Best Friends (Sal Nealon) (Movie)
2017 – Electric Dreams (Silas) (TV Series)
2017 – Power Rangers (Zordon) (Movie)

2017 – Curb Your Enthusiasm (Dr. Templeton) (TV Series)
2017 – It’s Not A Job (Phillip) (Movie))
2006-2013 – How I Met Your Mother (Hammond Druthers) (TV Series)
2016 – Wakefield (Howard Wakefield) (Movie)
2016 – The Masterpiece (Motion Picture)
2016 – The Infiltrator (Robert Mazur) (Movie)
2016 – Saturday Night Live (Walter White) (TV Series)
2016 – Kung Fu Panda 3 (Li) (Movie)
2016 – In Dubious Battle (Xerife) (Movie)
2016 – Where Did This Come From? (Ned Fleming) (Movie)
2016 – All the Way (Lyndon B. Johnson) (TV Movie)
2015 – Trumbo (Dalton Trumbo) (Movie)

2015-2017 – Sneaky Pete (Vince) (TV Series)
2015-2018 – SuperMansion (Titanium Rex) 2014 – Godzilla (Joe Brody) (Movie)

2013 – Get A Job (Roger Davis) (Movie)
2013 – Cold Comes the Night (Topo) (Movie)
2012 – Rock Of Ages (The Mayor) (Film)
2012-2013 – The Cleveland Show (Dr. Fist / Mr. Oxnard / Graham Kensington) (TV Series)
2012 – Red Tails (William Mortamus) (Movie)
2012 – Operation: Argo (Jack O’Donnell) (Movie)
2012 – Archer (Tony Drake) (TV Series)
2012 – John Carter: Between Two Worlds (Powell) (Movie)
2012 – Total Recall (Vilos Cohaagen) (Movie)
2011-2018 – Robot Chicken (voice) (TV Series)
2011 – Kopus (Eliot) (Movie)

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2011 – The Driver (Shannon) (Movie)
2011 – Epidemic (Haggery (Movie)
2011 – Larry Crowne (Dean) (Movie)
2011 – Breaking (Richard Dearden) (Movie)

2010-2011 Glenn Martin DDS (Drake Stone) (TV Series)
2010 – Love Ranch (Movie)
2008 – The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (Himself) (TV Movie)
2008 – The Hollywood Quad (Burton Melrose) (TV Movie)
2008 – 2013 – Breaking Bad (Walter White) (TV Series)

Before Breaking Bad

2007 – Hard Four (Lt. Bryce Baxter) ((Movie))
2006 – My Little Sunshine (Movie)
2006 – Malcolm in the Middle (Hal) (TV Series)
2006-2019 – Family Guy (Bert / Dr. Jewish / Hal) (TV Series)
2005 – Magnificent Desolation: Walkin… (Buzz Aldrin) (Movie)

2005-2010 – American Dad! (Mr. Winthrop / Bill Publisherman) (TV Series)
2004 – Seeing Other People (Peter) (Movie)
2004 – Illusion (David) (Movie)
2000 – Malcolm in the Middle (Hal) (TV Series)

Before the 2000s

1999 – Last Chance (Lance) ((Movie)
1998 – Secret Files (Patrick Crump) (TV Series)
1998 – From the Earth to the Moon (Buzz Aldrin) (TV Series)
1998 – Saving Private Ryan (Colonel IW Bryce) ((Movie))
1997 – Special Order (Phil Hertzberg) (Movie)
1994-1997 – Seinfeld (Tim Whatley) (TV Series)
1992 – LA Law (James Phillips) (TV Series)
1987 – Amazons on the Moon (Movie)
1983 – Loving (Douglas Donovan) (TV Series)
1982 – CHiPs (Billy Joe) (TV Series)
1980 – To Race the Wind (Quarterback) (Movie)

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