Who is Aslıhan Karalar? Where is it originally from? Life and Biography

Aslihan Karalar

Real name: Aslihan Karalar
Date of birth: April 27, 1999 (aged 20)
Education Status: License
Marital Status: Single
Zodiac sign: bull
Size: 1.78
Weight: 50
Job: Mannequin / Model
Place of birth: Ankara

Who is Aslıhan Karalar?

Where is Aslıhan Karalar? How Old Is Married? What’s his sign? What is his job * How tall? Answers to questions and more in this biography ..

Aslıhan Karalar, whose mother is from Çanakkale and his father is from Ankara, was born on April 27, 1999. Aslıhan Karalar, who studied at Bilkent International Laboratory High School and learned French in middle school, is studying business at King’s College, London.

He studied pawn and ballet from an early age. Aslıhan Karalar, who actively uses her Instagram address, has close to 19 thousand followers. Aslıhan Karalar often shares her Instagram address.

Diriliş Osman The beautiful model expected to play in the series is the Taurus. Aslıhan Karalar, Its weight at 1.78 height is 50. Karalar, who is single, is studying undergraduate.

He lives in England and studies Business Administration at Kings College in London.

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