Who is Arsız Bela? Whence? Life and Songs

Arsız Bela (Ali Metin)

What you wonder about Arsız Bela. How old? What is his real name? How tall? What is his weight? where originally from Married? What is his sign? music career, briefly life and biography information.

Born in Sivas in December 1992, he is Capricorn. The real name of the famous name who was born and raised in Sivas is Ali Metin. He was introduced to rap music when he was only 17 years old. He lost his father when he was only 10 years old while he was in primary education.

Ali Metin, who is stated to live his life with his mother and brother, was noticed by his friends in a short time and then managed to introduce himself to the virtual world with his rap and clip work.

In a video he made, he stated that he was not a Kurd, but an Alevi. His first work in his musical life was the song he made to his lover, he wore the Ring, and he was married.

Music career

Arsız Bela, who met Kürşat Çetinkaya (Esmer Maruz) in 2009 and stepped into music, is a true Turkish folk music lover. Combining rap music and Turkish Folk Music in his works, he managed to create an original rap branch. With this success, he attracted his attention and appeared as a guest in many television and radio programs in the following periods. In 2011, he started MTN Organization with Esmer Maruz and Fatih Alparslan Karaçalı, where he started his rap music career. Arsız Bela, who started his music career professionally in 2011, also stated that he wanted to make an album on Turkish Folk Music in the future.

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The famous name, known for his identity as a voice artist and songwriter, has had a very important place in his rap career in our country by working with many names from the rap music market and bringing unforgettable songs to the music industry every year. He proved that he is one of the true masters of this work in 2011 with his album work called Shout EP.
As of 2019, there are around 263 thousand subscribers on the youtube channel. The number of followers on Instagram is 64.8 thousand… Unfortunately, who is his height, weight and lover? Answers to such questions could not be reached.

Arsız Bela album works;
Unforgettable Parts
Oh my rose
There’s a fire

Here are a few of his favorite works by music lovers. What I am not, knowing that you do not love, the black of my life, I cannot stand, Halal your right, Extortion Auction, Come Again, I Have Something To Tell, I Am Crazy, Tell Me Isn’t It Burned? If I Don’t Come To You, Don’t Love Me, Don’t Cry My Heart, Who Did You Put In My Place, Someone Else Liked It, Another Mommy Today, The Abyss, Why, It Want Heart, My Heart.

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