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Murat Yildirim Today, it offers a competition program called Who To Be A Millionaire. So where is it originally from? how old? married? what is his height, weight? Briefly his life and biography information.
He was born in April 1979 in Konya where his father was a teacher. His father is Mehmet Salih Yıldırım and his mother is Hayat Hanım. He grew up in a village in Konya, then moved to the center, from there to Adana, and after his high school education to Istanbul for university education. He completed the university in 8 years and at the same time joined the theater group of the school and worked as an amateur actor for 3 years. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department.
While he was in the theater company, he entered the world of television through his friends and made his first acting experience with the TV series We Are Together Even If We Leave.
Although he later appeared in the TV series All My Children and The Big Lie, he made his biggest breakthrough with the series Storm, where he played with Burçin Terzioğlu.
Today, the successful actress, who continues her acting works under Tümay Özokur Film Advertising Agency, is originally from Mardin by her father. The handsome player is 1.82 in height, 72 in weight, and the zodiac sign is Aries.
In addition to the number of fans in our country, it has a significant number of Middle Eastern and even South American fans. He won the Best Drama Actor Award in Beirut. In addition, Murex D’or won the Best Male Drama Actor award in 2016 and the ‘Best Movie Actor’ award at the 22nd Golden Lens Awards.

TV series starring Murat Yıldırım;

We Are Together Even When We Break Up, Life Science, Immortal Love (Sedat), Boss Who (Guest Actor), All My Children (Mesut Kıroğlu), Big Lie (Okan Vardarlı), Storm (Ali), Rebel (Demir Doğan), O Love Where Are You (Çetin ), Love and Punishment (War Baldar), Suskunlar (Ecevit), Queen of the Night (Kartal).

Movies he acted in

Organized Works (Coffin), Purgatory (Cenk), Fall Pain (Behçet), Kırımlı (Sadık), Talk to Your Husband (Sinan), Talk to Your Husband: Diriliş (Sinan), Endless Aşk (Can), Ayla: The Daughter of War (Senior Lieutenant Mesut), First Kiss (Hakan)

Married life

She married Burçin Terzioğlu on June 20, 2008, with the actress who played a role in the Storm series. However, her marriage ended on June 30, 2014. Later, on November 13, 2016, he married the Moroccan-born actress Imane Elbani, whom she met in London, England.

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