When is the fast of Khidr in 2021? What is the Khidr fast, how many days and why? ?

The Khidr fast, which is held as a requirement of the Alevi religion, begins on the second Thursday of February yearly. So, what is the 3-day Khidr fast, how and why is it saved?

The Khidr fast, which is devoted to the prophet Khidr and is held to present thanks, is understood by the Alevi residents on sure days of the 12 months.

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Right here is the details about the Khidr fasting.


Khidr fasting Noah Pegamber’s ship was stormed and the folks “Yetiş or Khidr” it is like praying. The prayer of the folks is accepted by Allah, and subsequently, fasting is saved for 3 days in order to thank Allah.

Regular fasting for 3 days, however by no means consuming water. You possibly can drink the beverage with out overdoing it. It is stated that it is higher if nobody is instructed.

At the finish of the third day, should you intend to sleep with out consuming water, somebody offers you water in your dream. That one that provides water is the individual you’ll marry.

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When is the fast of Khidr in 2021?  What is the Khidr fast, how many days and why is it kept?  #one


Khidr Fasting, which is held between January 31 and February 2 in response to the Rumi calendar, coincides with February 13-15, primarily based on the Gregorian Calendar. Nonetheless, in response to Alevism, the second Thursday of February begins.

After this fast, which is devoted to Hızır, Hızır Cemi is held, devices are performed historically in Alevi villages throughout the fast, sayings are stated and tales about the prophet Hızır are instructed. After fasting, a pilaf known as gavut is cooked from roasted and floor wheat semolina, butter is poured into it and prayed with all the neighbors. is eaten.

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