What should we do to save money in the kitchen? :

Before the end of the month, you run out of money in your pocket, if you borrow money on your credit card, it means that the red alert is ringing to save money! As ”, we share with you the tips we use to use our money and time more accurately and to save money in the kitchen. It would be great to use the money you saved today with small changes to buy a shoe you like tomorrow, right?

Do not open the oven door too often

In ovens and stoves used in cooking, care should be taken not to open the door until the food in the oven is cooked, as there is a 20 percent heat loss each time the oven door is opened.

Use pressure pots

Steam and pressure pans should be preferred in cooking. With this cooking method called ‘pressure cooker’, you will save energy and preserve the nutritional value of your food.

Save money by cooking on the stove

Prefer to cook your meals on the stove as much as possible. Cooking on the stoves is more economical than cooking in the oven. Moreover, since the food is cooked in a shorter time, you will have enough time for yourself, during this time you can read one of the most beautiful love books.

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Cook on low heat

When the food you cook in the pot reaches the boiling temperature, turn the flame adjustment knob of the stove to the lowest position, boiling over high heat will not speed up the cooking of the food. Moreover, in this way, the food becomes more delicious and gets its consistency.

Choose the cooker according to the size of the pot

Do not put small containers on a large fire. Otherwise, you will lose energy. Also, make sure that the bottom of the container is clean.

Close the pot lid

Do not cook your food in uncovered containers. Food is cooked faster in closed containers, so less energy is consumed. You will consume 3 times more energy while cooking with the lidless cookware.

Cook multiple meals

Try to cook multiple dishes in the oven instead of one. Spend less energy before removing the low-temperature cooker before the others, lowering and raising the temperature of the oven.

Do not overheat the oven

Do not preheat your oven when it is not needed. If you need to preheat, do not exceed 10 minutes. Cooking and heating times are very short in microwave ovens (cooking 10-15 minutes, heating 2-3 minutes). They consume 50-60 percent less energy than conventional furnaces, and provide significant energy savings.

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Heat as much as your food

Divide the food into small pieces and cook or heat it. This will shorten your cooking time. It also helps preserve these nutritional values.

Do not use too much water in meals

Do not use too much water while cooking. Enough water to cover the food. Using too much water causes you to spend more energy. Let a frozen food defrost before cooking it in the oven.

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