What is Zika virus

Zika virus is the principle transmission agent to people. adesthetics via mosquitoes.

Zika virus is transmitted from mosquitoes to people, and as in malaria, blood taken from a sick individual is unfold to different individuals via mosquitoes.

There are some illnesses equivalent to Yellow Fever, West Nile Fever, Dengue Fever on this household, and they’re members of the identical household. These illnesses may cause fatigue, rash, fever and flu complaints, that are related to one another.

Zika virus causes beginning defects, particularly if it is transmitted to pregnant girls.


The illness doesn’t present any signs in 80 p.c of people that catch the virus through the incubation interval.

The signs seen on the finish of the incubation interval typically have traits that may be confused with illnesses equivalent to colds and flu.

Signs equivalent to redness of the eyes, widespread joint and muscle pains, pores and skin rash and extreme headache make one suspect the presence of Zika virus.

Uncommon signs of Zika virus embody swelling, particularly in small joints equivalent to fingers and ft. Signs equivalent to ache behind the eyes and vomiting will also be thought of as indicators of the presence of the virus.

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Zika virus; It will also be transmitted via blood, saliva, numerous physique fluids and, hardly ever, sexual contact.

It is crucial to be protected against the illness in an effort to stop its transmission. Particularly when touring to dangerous nations, it is of nice significance to deliver long-sleeved garments that may guarantee security, to empty the containers crammed with water in your location, and to be in additional air-conditioned environments to guard your self from illness.

Protecting sprays towards mosquito bites, long-sleeved shirts and trousers are among the many easy however efficient strategies of safety.

No vaccine or medication has but been discovered towards the illness attributable to the virus. It is essential to make use of solely mosquito repellants permitted by the Ministry of Well being to guard towards mosquito bites.

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