What is Yediuyur

Yediuyur is the biggest dormouse in dimension and has the flexibility to sleep 7 months of the yr.

This type; It has been hunted for the reason that thirteenth century to be used as meals, fur and drugs.

Seen as a protein supply for Slovenian villagers, it is most well-liked as a particular snack for Roman troopers. Subsequently, this species is additionally known as edible dormouse.


Yediuyur; It prefers to stay in moist areas.

With this; It additionally lives in deciduous broad-leaved forests or forests with combined bushes, plains and mountains with orchards.

It could additionally stay in barns, attics, caves and thick forest edges.


Seven sleepers are a species that eats no matter it finds.

It feeds on roots, leaves, buds, bark, and typically bugs, walnuts, hazelnuts, acorns, different fruits, carrion, eggs, small birds and chicks.

What is Yediuyur #2


This species, which weighs 50-250 g, lives for about 7 years. Whereas its dimension is just like a squirrel with its ears and eyes, a very powerful distinction is that it is smaller in dimension and retains its tail straight.


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