What is vermiculite ?

Vermiculite is a low value, absorbent, environmentally pleasant, gentle and broadly used mineral with plentiful reserves in Turkey.

Vermiculite is a pure mineral that can be utilized in lots of fields from agriculture to the development trade.

It incorporates sufficient components to satisfy the dietary wants of vegetation in its construction. For that reason, it is additionally used as a dietary complement in agriculture and different horticultural processes.


Due to its excessive water-holding property, using vermiculite by mixing it with the soil of the vegetation or by laying it on the soil gives water financial savings by extending the intervals within the plant irrigation course of.

The truth that the vermiculite mineral, which is presently present in nature, is not subjected to any chemical remedy and thus is pure, ensures the safety of naturalness, particularly in initiatives resembling natural agriculture.

Vermiculite is a pure various to chemical fertilizers as a result of it has a optimistic impact on the rooting and development fee of vegetation.

What is vermiculite #1


  • Vermiculite is poured straight into the realm the place the roots are within the root slicing course of, thus shortening the rooting course of.
  • vermiculite; It permits air channels to be fashioned by mixing with dry, heavy or sticky sandy/sandless soils, thus permitting the plant to breathe.
  • Vermiculite is blended with the soil within the germination course of, rising the variety of germinated seeds and shortening the germination interval.
  • Since vermiculite is sterile, it eliminates situations resembling mildew and deterioration.
  • Vermiculite is very advantageous particularly for sustaining moisture stability in houseplants.
  • In summer time and winter, the temperature stability of the vegetation will be achieved by laying Vermiculite on the soil.
  • Vermiculite prevents the roots of the plant from drying out and being adversely affected by the wind and the solar in plant transplant operations.
  • Vermiculite is additionally utilized in flower preparations (terrarium and many others.).
  • The truth that vermiculite is gentle by way of its construction gives a bonus in potted vegetation held on the ceiling. By including half quantity of composted soil and vermiculite within the pot for use, its weight is significantly diminished.
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What is vermiculite #2


Though vermiculite and perlite are two utterly completely different supplies, they’ve some widespread points; Each:

  • They’re minerals which are mined from the bottom.
  • After it is eliminated, it goes by the heating course of.
  • It is gentle.
  • It is sterile.
  • It has a impartial PH worth.
  • They don’t comprise vitamins.
  • It facilitates development for younger roots.

Nonetheless, whereas vermiculite is most popular particularly due to its water holding capability, perlite is most popular due to its capacity to aerate the soil.


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