What is UHT ?

UHT is a processing know-how typically utilized in long-life milk. The UHT technique, specifically Extremely Excessive Temperature, means preserving the milk at very excessive temperatures.

UHT is an abbreviation that has handed instantly from English to our language. It stands for Extremely Excessive Temperature.

UHT course of extends the shelf lifetime of milk between 6-9 months. Thus, so long as UHT milk is closed, it doesn’t must be saved within the fridge.

With the event of know-how, UHT is utilized in meals with low acid content material akin to milk, soy milk, different dairy merchandise, soups, sauces, desserts and child meals.


Milk that is packaged by being uncovered to excessive warmth remedy is referred to as UHT milk. With this technique, contemporary milk is introduced along with septic packaging after being uncovered to very excessive warmth. When the milk sterilized by excessive warmth first meets the septic packaging, it takes the title of UHT milk.

In an surroundings the place the temperature reaches 150 levels, the milk is saved for 2-4 seconds. It is acknowledged that the aim of exposing the milk to this excessive temperature is to destroy the parts that trigger the milk to spoil and trigger illness. After this course of, so long as the milk cap is not opened, it could last as long as 5-6 months.

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Because it is not identified precisely what is within the milk offered within the open and at what levels it passes, it is stated that UHT milk produced below fully hygienic circumstances is higher for well being.

Nevertheless, in response to some opinions, the temperature functions made within the UHT method additionally destroy the micro organism which are helpful to well being. This causes some specialists to warn in regards to the harms of uht milk.

As well as, care needs to be taken when packaging UHT milk. UHT milk that is not correctly and hygienically packaged can pose a well being menace.

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