What is triglyceride ?

Triglycerides are a sort of fats present in blood. The physique converts the energy it receives and doesn’t want to make use of instantly into triglycerides and shops it within the fats cells.

Saved triglycerides are utilized in conditions equivalent to between meals, long-term starvation, sports activities actions, and hormone manufacturing.

In different phrases, triglycerides are saved in fats cells for use when mandatory within the physique, and when mandatory, they’re transformed into vitality and fulfill their capabilities within the physique.

In instances the place the vitality taken in the course of the day is larger than the vitality spent within the physique or consuming meals containing carbohydrates and fat, triglyceride ranges within the blood improve.


The extent of triglycerides within the blood rises after consuming. Because of this, as a way to receive correct outcomes, the take a look at ought to be carried out after 12 hours of fasting earlier than the blood pattern.

Complete ldl cholesterol, HDL (good)-LDL (unhealthy) ldl cholesterol and triglyceride ranges within the blood are measured with a blood take a look at, relying on the danger components of the particular person and his or her household’s medical historical past.

The best triglyceride degree for a wholesome grownup is under 150 mg/dL. Values ​​between 150 mg/dL and 199 mg/dL are accepted as restrict values, whereas values ​​of 200 mg/dL and above are expressed as excessive triglyceride ranges.

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What is triglyceride #1


Triglyceride elevation is a situation by which the worth within the blood is 200 mg/dL and above. This situation is referred to as hypertriglyceridemia, also referred to as excessive triglyceride ranges.

Excessive triglycerides, which is a harmful situation for well being, is one of many greatest threat components for coronary heart illnesses. Because of triglyceride elevation, hardening happens within the arterial partitions and this causes arteriosclerosis within the human physique.


Ailments equivalent to hypertension, coronary heart illnesses, kidney illnesses, acute hepatitis, diabetes (diabetes), thyroid illnesses (hypothyroidism), liver problems, Cushing’s Syndrome, acromegaly.

Genetic causes equivalent to hereditary hypertriglyceridemia, hereditary dysbetalipoproteinemia, lipoprotein lipase deficiency, sort 3 hyperlipoproteinemia, sort 5 hyperlipoproteinemia.

Being pregnant interval, weight problems issues, adopting a sedentary life, extreme smoking, alcohol use, consuming an excessive amount of at meals, consuming late at evening, unhealthy eating regimen, consuming an excessive amount of processed meals and a few drugs (equivalent to breast most cancers, hypertension, HIV, and so forth.) medication used within the remedy of illnesses).

What is triglyceride #2


One of the best ways to decrease excessive triglycerides is to undertake a wholesome life-style. By doing common train for at the least half-hour at the least 3 days per week, it may be aimed to lower the triglyceride degree.

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Meals containing white flour can improve triglycerides and trigger weight acquire. Since extra energy are transformed into triglycerides and saved within the physique, individuals with excessive triglycerides ought to deal with lowering their calorie consumption.

It is really helpful to devour wholesome oils equivalent to olive oil. Alcohol consumption ought to be restricted or terminated, as alcohol will trigger excessive doses of energy as a result of sugar it accommodates.

On the level the place adopting a wholesome life-style is not sufficient, medical doctors could suggest some drug dietary supplements to decrease excessive triglycerides.

Meals that decrease triglycerides: Entire grain meals teams equivalent to oats, barley, corn, rice, wheat, lentils, entire wheat pasta; fish group wealthy in omega-3 equivalent to salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring and trout; group of unsaturated fat equivalent to olive oil, canola oil, hazelnut oil and avocado oil; group of nuts equivalent to almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts; meals wealthy in fiber equivalent to beans, carob; group of inexperienced leafy greens equivalent to cabbage, purslane, broccoli, lettuce; spices and teas equivalent to sage, sunflower, thyme, mint.

What is triglyceride #3


Low triglyceride is a situation by which the worth within the blood is lower than 50 mg/dl. Triglyceride degree decrease than 35 mg/dl is referred to as “excessive triglyceride low”.

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Low triglycerides could also be as a result of unwanted effects of medication or eating regimen with low-fat meals.


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