What is Tradescantia

Tradescantia, also referred to as telegraph flower, is a plant species with small, inexperienced, purple, white or pink leaves.

One of many best houseplants to take care of, tradescantia produces small white, pink or purple flowers in supreme rising circumstances. This fast-growing plant has a drooping kind.


Originating from Southern Canada to the West Indies, tradescantia additionally happens within the wild in moist scrublands and moist forests.

This plant, which will be simply grown in temperate locations, prefers semi-shade or barely sunny locations in house circumstances.


This plant, which requires loads of water in summer season, needs to be saved reasonably moist in winter. It may be simply reproduced by breaking the branches and rooting them.

What is Tradescantia #2

The poisonous tradescantia has a caustic sap. Care needs to be taken to not eat this plant, which might trigger pores and skin irritations or rashes in people and animals, particularly by pets.


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