What is thunderstorm ?

A thunderstorm, generally known as a thunderstorm, is a climate phenomenon typically accompanied by lightning and thunder, in addition to rain or hail.

Thunderstorms are one of many vital occasions that happen within the ambiance.

A thunderstorm is a comparatively short-lived native storm of Cumulonimbus and well-developed cumulus clouds, characterised by thunder, lightning, gusts of floor wind, turbulence, heavy rain showers, hail, icing, average or sturdy vertical movement.

Meteorological occasions, heavy rains and lightning, that are an vital results of the instability within the ambiance, are additionally efficient on human life in addition to pure processes.

When the distribution of thunderstorms on earth is examined, it is seen that they’re principally noticed within the equatorial area.


There are 4 sorts of thunderstorms. These are single-cell storms, multi-cell storms, multi-cell line storms, and supercells.

single cell storms they sometimes develop and finish inside 20-Half-hour.

In multicellular thunderstorms, a number of cells act as a bunch, every cell is in a unique part of the thunderstorm. These cells are able to producing average hail, storm surge and weak tornadoes.

multicellular line storms, develops alongside a line, and alongside this line the entrance of assault turns into efficient. This line is also called the storm line. These storms can produce average hail, occasional storm surges, and weak tornadoes.

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supercell storms, they’re outlined by an upstream that rotates with the thunderstorm. A powerful downdraft in these storms can produce massive hailstones, whereas occasional storm surges and weak tornadoes can happen.

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