What is theogony ?

Myths are labeled in numerous methods when it comes to the topics they take care of. Those that describe the origin and lineage of the gods are referred to as theogony.

The classical type of myths about gods seems in Greek and Egyptian myths.

Certainly, BC. eighth century Hesiod remodeled the start and duties of the Greek gods into written literature along with his work “Theogony”.


Myths are divided into 5 important teams when it comes to their topics. These are:

1. Cosmogony myths: They’re myths that carry motifs concerning the creation of the universe and describe this creation.

2. Etiology myths: They’re myths that inform the origin of a component, factor, matter or something and the way they first emerged.

3. Eschatology myths: They’re myths that take care of the way forward for humanity and the universe basically and provides details about them.

4. Theogony myths: They’re myths that speak about gods and describe them.

5. Anthropogony myths: They’re myths that take care of the creation journey of man and clarify how the human being emerged and the way he was born.


The mythological tales that include details about the genesis and family tree of the gods are referred to as theogony.

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