What is the vagus nerve

The complicated nerve community that connects our mind with the coronary heart, digestive system, immune system and lots of different organs is often called the vagus nerve.

‘Vagus’, which is a ball of nerves that may attain each a part of the physique and circulates all through the physique, is a phrase of Latin origin and means “to wander, wander”


The vagus nerve, if you find yourself sad, understands that one thing is not proper, prompts the sympathetic nervous system, which is an essential part of the digestive system, and ensures the launch of cortisol in the physique.

Cortisol might be regarded as a organic alarm system. Your physique’s essential stress hormone is known as cortisol. It really works with particular components of the mind for a lot of completely different duties, from temper to motivation and even controlling fears.


In case of interruption of the vagus nervous system, hoarseness, shortness of breath, problem in swallowing, lack of gag reflex, slowing and irregularity of the coronary heart rhythm, paralysis of the muscle tissue controlling the respiratory tract might happen relying on the location of the reduce or lesion.

As well as, malfunctions in the vagus nervous system trigger ailments that go as much as irritation in the intestines.

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What is vagus nerve #2


Probably the most well-known option to activate the vagus nerve is to breathe deeply. Situations resembling shortness of breath that happen after we are careworn trigger panic on the vagus nerve. Frequent deep respiration is essential for the vagus nervous system.

Singing and laughing might be proven as different methods to activate the vagus nerve. The larynx, which is affected by the sound waves produced whereas singing, prompts the vagus nerve.

As well as, well being diet and train are good circumstances for the vagus nerve.

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