What is the thymus gland ?

The thymus gland is the heart of the immune system. The extra the thymus gland vibrates, the stronger the immune system of the individual.

The thymus gland, which is the command heart of the physique, distinguishes which of the T hormones launched from the thyroid gland are dangerous and that are useful, and removes the dangerous ones from the physique.

The thymus gland, which adjusts how the immune system fights micro organism, is current in the physique as quickly as you’re born. In different phrases, it instantly makes the physique a conflict protect towards infections.


T cells produced by the thymus are one in all the essential well being advantages. Lymphocytes referred to as T cells destroy dangerous cells that may hurt the physique.

Illnesses that collapse the immune system are deadly as a result of they reduce off the communication line of T cells.

What is thymus gland #1


The thymus gland is positioned simply behind the higher a part of the rib cage, in the center of the chest.

Stimulating by tapping the level on the thymus with two fingers and touching the tongue behind the higher tooth to the palate and the roof of the mouth offers stimulation of the thymus.

The thymus gland begins to shrink with age and loses its capabilities. The thymus, which is about 15 g at delivery, reaches a weight of 35 g with the improve in testosterone and estrogen secretion at puberty.

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Nervousness, irritability, incapacity to get pleasure from..

Not having fun with life, excessive irritability, sudden modifications in temper, extreme irritability and sensitivity to occasions are the harbingers of decay in the exercise of the thymus.

For that reason, it is potential to stimulate the thymus from the exterior by massaging or hitting the thymus, or by touching the tongue to the palate.

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