What is the Tarnova Witch Incident? ?

It was claimed that the city witnessed paranormal occasions in the Tarnova area of Bulgaria, which was beneath Ottoman rule in 1833. All the townspeople from 7 to 70 have been in concern due to what had occurred.

The occasions that befell after the sundown started to frighten individuals in the city of Tırnova. Sometimes, the sacks of flour in the kitchens have been emptied, and typically the soil was combined. Pottery and related issues in the homes have been scrutinized. It was even alleged {that a} stone was thrown at the head of a passerby. Some individuals reported that that they had been attacked and felt like a weight had been positioned on them. Everybody, ‘What’s happening in Tarnova?’ He was searching for the reply to his query, however they may not discover the reply.

When nobody may discover a solution to this query, the public started to assume that Tarnova was invaded by witches. The townspeople, believing that every one these have been finished by witches, despatched phrase to Nikola Efendi, who lived in the city of İslimiye and was referred to as “The Witch”. Nikola Efendi, who got here to Tırnova as quickly as he heard the information, started to take heed to the occasions from the public. The Witcher Nikola, who visited the city and examined it, got here to the conclusion that every one these have been finished by witches. Nikola Efendi acknowledged that he would clear the city with witches, however he needed 800 cents. The locals agreed to pay this cash.

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What is the Tarnova Witch Incident #1

Nikola Efendi, Tırnova decide Ahmet Şükrü Efendi and the individuals of the area set out for the cemetery so as to establish the graves the place the witches lay. Bringing an image board with him, Nikola Efendi began to show it by placing it on his finger. Whichever facet the board was going through would imply that they had discovered the proper tomb. Two graves have been recognized with the turned board. These tombs belonged to Tetikoğlu Ali Alemdar and Abdi Alemdar from the Janissaries.

These two janissaries have been individuals who terrorized the individuals of the area for theft, extortion, damage, homicide and plenty of different crimes whereas they have been alive. The tombs have been opened, and the our bodies of the Janissaries have been intact. Seeing this, the individuals have been stricken with concern and anxiousness. The corpses appeared to have open eyes and have been bigger. Frightened, their our bodies have been exhumed from the tombs.

What is the Tarnova Witch Incident #2

Nikola Efendi acknowledged that so as to exorcise the spirits that haunted the city, the our bodies needed to be staked of their bellies and their hearts must be boiled in boiling water. The locals did as they have been informed, albeit reluctantly. Nevertheless, since what occurred in Tırnova didn’t finish, Nikola stated that the corpses must be cremated.

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Shrubs and twigs have been gathered round, and the our bodies have been cremated and their ashes buried in graves. The individuals of Tarnova destroyed the witches and nothing occurred after that night time. Tırnova decide Ahmet Şükrü Efendi despatched an official letter to Istanbul. The occasions have been reported as they occurred. This text was revealed in the problem dated September 5, 1833 of the newspaper Calendar-i Vekayi, which is the publication organ of the state.

What is the Tarnova Witch Incident #3

In response to the allegations, this occasion, II. It occurred after Mahmud abolished the Janissaries in 1826. For that reason, it was thought that the essential goal was to destroy the tradition of the janissaries by making the individuals hate the janissaries.

Likewise, after these horrible occasions, the individuals started to hate the janissaries, and the janissary tombs and tombstones have been eliminated and destroyed.

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