What is the sword tradition in the sermon? ?

In keeping with this tradition from the Ottoman interval, previous mosque imams used to climb the pulpit with swords for Friday and Eid sermons.

In the Ottoman interval, in the Previous Mosque in Edirne, the pulpit was climbed with a sword for Friday and vacation sermons.

The tradition of ‘studying a sermon with a sword’, which has been happening for six centuries, is nonetheless alive in the present day.

In keeping with tradition, it is recognized that the imam, who ascended the pulpit, recited the Friday sermon prayer with the sword in his left hand.


The sword-wielding has a particular significance in the historical past of Turh. In the Turkish states and the Ottoman Empire in historical past, the that means of this second is much more particular.

The sword-wielding ceremonies of the sultans imply that they took over the administration and declared their sovereignty.

In the Ottoman Empire, the locations the place sword-wielding ceremonies have been held, which have been seen as an indication of sovereignty in the state, have been sometimes mosques.

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There is additionally a message of carrying a sword in the sermon in the Previous Mosque.

In that message, even the hand to carry the sword has a particular that means.

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Sword taken proper, “use” reveals his intentions and goals to frighten the enemy.

The sword is in the left hand in the sermons. This, too, has the objective of reassuring the good friend.

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