What is the Swedish Diet? How is it done?

If we randomly turn someone on the road and ask if you are satisfied with your weight, we are sure that most of them will respond negatively. Being overweight is one of the biggest problems of our age. In addition to being in a way that negatively affects health, trying to be weaker and fit also drives people to constantly lose weight. The harder it is to lose weight, the easier it is to gain weight. We are not even aware of how and when we gain that weight. Factors such as meals eaten before going to bed at night, chips, cola-like junk food, meals eaten on the feet in fast living conditions, sedentary life causes unwanted weight in the body.

It takes a very tough way to send back these kilos, which we did not even know about. Firstly to a solid will you need to be patient, and be able to keep your promise to yourself. Fortunately, our nutritionists are working very well on this issue. Every day new, healthy and weight loss diet programs They are preparing.

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The purpose of diet programs to be diverse is to have a different effect on every body. Similarly, it does not react the same to every body, every diet. Therefore, you can get efficiency by choosing the type of diet that suits you best. A type of diet that özgü been known to you for a long time today. Swedish diet we will tell. However, we strongly ask you not to forget the following rule; You should make sure that the diet you choose does not negatively affect your health. If you notice unusual situations a few days after starting the diet, it will be useful for you to stop the diet immediately and see a doctor.

What is the Swedish Diet?

What is the Swedish Diet?The Swedish diet is one of the most used and satisfied diet types in recent years. The main feature of this diet is that within 13 days To 7-20 kilos is to be given up. Another important feature is that the metabolism changes completely during the time you follow the diet, so the weight lost is minimal. 2 years not rolled back during. Of course, I assume that as soon as you quit the diet, you don’t throw yourself into the pita parlor.

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Many specialist doctors recommend the Swedish diet to their patients who want to lose weight. However, there is a point to note that you should never ignore it. Fast weight loss Swedish diet max 6 days you can apply. At the end of these 6 days, you can take a week break, continue your diet and get rid of the weight until the 13 days are completed. Let’s learn in detail how the Swedish diet is made.

How to Make a Swedish Diet?

How to Make a Swedish Diet?As we just mentioned, the main feature of this diet is that it can lose up to 20 kilos in 13 days. But a very meticulous work awaits you for this event to happen. First of all, let’s start by knowing that the diet should not be continued for more than 13 days. As with many other types of diet 2 liters per day We do not neglect to drink water.

Throughout the diet, tea, coffee, acidic or non-acidic beverages that are not included in the list should not be drunk. In our previous articles, we talked about the harm of acidic or in other words, carbonated beverages. Only olive oil should be used in salads, if the measure is not mentioned, this should not exceed one portion. You can change the places of lunch and dinner on the same day. The aim here is to save the Swedish diet, which is already a difficult diet, from getting boring to some extent.

Let’s say you follow the diet as we explained, you lost weight very well and you still want to continue. Here in this case at least 3 months you have to wait. After 3 months, you can apply your diet in the same way.

The 13-Day Swedish Diet List

The 13-Day Swedish Diet List

Below, we shared the 13-day Swedish diet list with you. However, if some of the foods on this list are not available at your home or you have not been able to obtain them, you should remember that there are other foods that you can consume as an alternative. Experts also offer some advice on this subject to make your job easier.

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While following this diet, if you don’t have broccoli on hand cauliflower you can eat Both foods have the same functions in protecting your heart health, regulating blood pressure, removing toxins from the body, delaying premature aging, and most importantly, helping you lose weight in a healthy way.

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Another issue that experts recommend is the reactions of the person’s body in the course of the diet. If you see that you have abnormal conditions after starting the diet, or if it is severe, you should either see a doctor or stop the diet in half and start again after 3 months. Because it özgü been found that some diet programs do not show the same effect on everyone.

1 day: On the first day of the diet, you can start the day with a cup of coffee with 1 cut sugar. A portion of boiled spinach and 2 boiled eggs and a tomato can accompany you for lunch. In the evening, 200 grams of steak and green salad will be enough.

2 days: You can sip your coffee sweetened with 1 cube of sugar as on the first day. A bowl of yogurt and a slice of salami at midday; And for dinner, don’t forget to have 200 grams of steak and a green salad with lots of olive oil, along with fruit.

3 days: You can add a slice of toast to a cup of coffee with the only sugar you drink in the morning. For lunch, you can have one serving of boiled spinach, one tomato and optional fruit. In the evening, a slice of salami, green salad and 2 hard-boiled eggs.

4 days: Have a breakfast in the morning in the same way as on the third day. Lunch, a hard egg, a grated carrot and a slice of feta cheese. In the evening, a glass of orange juice with 100g of yogurt.

5 days: Finally, your morning schedule özgü changed, you grate a large carrot for breakfast, squeeze a lemon on it and eat it. A portion of boiled fish at lunch, and a steak with salad in the evening.

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6 days: It can be sugar-free if you wish in the morning, a cup of coffee. While there are 2 boiled tomatoes and grated carrots in the lunch menu; In the evening, you should eat 200 grams of skinless fish.

7 days: You eat unsweetened tea in the morning and 200 gr grilled meat at noon; As for the evening, we are sorry, you should spend this meal without eating anything.

Day 8: A cup of coffee with sugar in the morning, a portion of boiled spinach and a tomato at noon, and a green salad with olive oil with 200 grams of steak in the evening.

Day 9: If you have noticed, almost every day of the diet is similar to each other. On the 9th day, a cup of coffee in the morning, a slice of salami and a bowl of yogurt at lunch, and a green salad with steak for dinner.

10 days: Let’s get to the 10th day. As you see you lose weight, dieting is no longer difficult and you are going full speed. When you drink your morning coffee, with a slice of toast, boiled spinach at noon, a tomato or fruit, 2 hard eggs in the evening, a slice of salami and salad.

Day 11: You can consume the same as you ate in the previous day on the 11th day. Alternatively, you can change the places of dinner and lunch.

Day 12: One large grated carrot for breakfast, one medium lean fish at noon, 200 g of steak with salad and broccoli in the evening. If broccoli is not available, cauliflower can be an alternative.

13 Days: We came to the last day of our diet. Again, you start the day by sipping your coffee with a small sugar in the morning. For lunch, you can boil 2 eggs and have a carrot salad with it. In the evening, the last meal of the day, 200 grams of skinless fish will be sufficient.

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