What is the Sense of Responsibility? How to Earn? Why Is It Necessary?

Responsibility When it is said, an invisible pressure is felt especially on young people and children. This word somehow özgü a power that frightens many. Often compulsion, involuntary and bored tasks are considered as if they are within our responsibilities. However, very simple and ordinary tasks in our daily life can be counted among our responsibilities. For example; a mother taking care of her children, a student studying, a father having to support her house, etc.

A person özgü a series of duties and obligations that continue from the moment he is born to the end of his life. A person özgü responsibilities to his own life first and then to the environment in which he lives. A person with a sense of responsibility knows the results of his actions and the importance of the duties assigned to him and is appreciated by everyone. In short, a person who respects the rights of others and accepts the result of his own actions is a responsible person.

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With a sense of responsibility self confidence development There is a great relationship between. Because a child with a developed sense of responsibility will also improve his self-confidence. Can meet his own needs alone, not dependent on his parents; The sense of responsibility of a child whose self-confidence increases as he sees the result of his behavior and succeeds. Every success achieved is a step taken in the individualization of the child, in becoming an independent and self-sufficient and self-expressing individual.

What is the Sense of Responsibility?

What is the Sense of Responsibility?Every person who comes to the world is obliged to be responsible. Responsibility is defined as the adaptation of an individual, the fulfillment of all his / her duties, undertaking the consequences of the effects of all events on another person, respecting all the rights of other individuals, claiming the consequences of his own mistakes and truths.

It would be correct to gömü an individual who is responsible as follows; He is a person who can make his own decisions, behave independently, have value judgments, think logically and use all the resources he özgü, confident in all matters, and meet their own needs without ignoring the rights of other individuals.

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A person who can bear all the positive or negative consequences of a business he started can be called a responsible person. Responsibility starts at an early age and is very important emotionally, socially, mentally and physically. The sense of responsibility is one of the most important personality traits that affect being successful and happy in life.

The most anxious people in this regard are mothers and fathers. Because being responsible Everyone özgü accepted the fact that the feeling should be given as a child. Of course, this feeling can occur in later ages and people can change their habits. However, a person who lives without knowing his responsibilities until he reaches a certain age may unconsciously miss many things in his life or lose many people around him just for this reason.

So how can parents teach their children about responsibility? Experts suggest that this feeling is acquired through experience rather than being taught as a task or lesson. For example; Instead of telling a child that you should brush their teeth every day, you can go to the bathroom together every night and brush your teeth like a game. After a while, these fun moments spent with you will be included in his responsibilities without realizing it in his mind. Of course, this is just a simple example, you will find much more information about why a sense of responsibility is necessary and how it can be gained.

How to Gain a Sense of Responsibility?

How to Gain a Sense of Responsibility?An individual gains a sense of responsibility in childhood and continues into adolescence and adulthood. For this, parents should have information about the developmental stages in children. The sense of responsibility is not born However, it is a biçim of behavior that must be learned and acquired, starting from birth and lasting throughout life.

Parents should not limit a child’s responsibility to activities such as studying, doing homework, or going to school. As far as opportunities permit, the child should be given a task at home, anywhere outside, so that the child thinks that he can do a job himself and makes an effort for that job. Thus, he will become a self-confident, self-sacrificing individual who can express himself comfortably in social situations and will assume all responsibilities throughout his life by gradually gaining his sense of responsibility.

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From Personal Development Center (KIGEM) According to the information we obtained; While gaining responsibility skills to children, first of all, it is necessary to determine what age and what they can do. The answer to this is that you have to master the hand skills, tastes and abilities of your child and learn what children at that age can do. You can find this information in child development books or related articles on the web. Those who say that I cannot deal with them at all and consult more reliable sources can get information directly from a specialist doctor.

After making these observations, you can gradually start to give your child a sense of responsibility. For example, a child who özgü reached the age of 4-5 is now at the level to eat his own food, even if he sheds. If you try to feed him after you teach him to eat and see that he can eat alone, you may cause a negative situation.

Because if you interfere with a child who can eat, dress and tie his shoes, it will make him feel bad. The message that you give many of you, “you cannot do it or you are doing it wrong,” can make them feel inadequate while avoiding their responsibilities. Therefore, we recommend that you be particularly sensitive in this regard.

Things to Hisse Attention to While Gaining a Sense of Responsibility

Things to Pay Attention to While Gaining a Sense of Responsibility

Before mentioning the points that should be taken into consideration in gaining a sense of responsibility, let’s talk about the fact that this will not happen immediately. Gaining responsibility is not a short-term or immediate situation. It takes a lot of patience and a long road. In fact, you can overcome the task with very simple methods. Request Some points to be considered while gaining responsibility skill;

  • Considering the personal development periods of children, appropriate tasks should be assigned to these periods. Because giving a task they can’t do makes kids unhappy and always thinks they can’t.
  • While trying to gain a sense of responsibility, no coercion should be used.
  • When a task given to the child cannot be done, it should not be undertaken by the parents. If it fails, the child should not be scarlet.
  • It is seen that one of the most important characteristics of people who develop a sense of responsibility is the ability to love and this ability begins in the family. It is very important to develop a sense of responsibility in children who have love and respect in the family environment.
  • The balance between discipline and freedom should be well established while gaining a sense of responsibility.
  • Before giving a sense of responsibility, the individual should be confident.
  • Children may make mistakes while performing certain tasks. They should be patient against these mistakes and the child should not be red. It should be spoken with good language to correct the mistakes it makes.
  • The child should be given the right to choose what he / she wants to do according to his / her age, interests and environment.
  • After doing a task, you should not be promised that I will get that.
  • The task to be given to the child should be clearly explained in order to eliminate the misunderstandings between them.
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Why is a Sense of Responsibility Necessary?

Why is a Sense of Responsibility Necessary?There is a strong bağlantı between sense of responsibility and self-confidence. As an individual gains a sense of responsibility, his self-confidence increases, he becomes happy and wants to fulfill more tasks. One every skill an individual acquires it gives him courage for a later time and özgü no trouble making decisions on his own.

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He can successfully fulfill a task of his own. For example; If a child does not gain the habit of eating by himself as soon as he starts tüm ortaklık a spoon, it becomes more and more difficult to become an individual standing on his feet in the future because he özgü no self-confidence, he thinks he will not be able to do it even if something he does is successful, and it becomes difficult for him to take responsibility.

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