What is the Morning After Pill? How to use? What Does It Do? What Are The Side Effects?

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In some unprotected sexual intercourse or situations where protection is poor, couples need some additional measures to prevent pregnancy. Of these, you hear the name frequently and the most preferred one is undoubtedly the next day medication. If we briefly describe this drug; after unprotected sex We can say that it is a kind of pill that prevents pregnancy. However, there is a lot of false and misleading information on this subject in our society. If the correct use is not known and if this method is used at every opportunity, there may be very bad consequences for the woman. Morning-after pills that affect the functioning of hormones should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

The easiest and most effective way to end this risk after sexual intercourse with a high probability of pregnancy is the morning after pills. Using the morning-after pill is a method of prevention, but it is recommended not to use it frequently. During sexual intercourse If the condom is torn and if the possibility of pregnancy as a result of this relationship is high, the morning after pill can be used. For family planning It is recommended that couples use a spiral or condom.

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Using the morning after pill after each unprotected intercourse can trigger serious health problems. As the name suggests, the drug, which should be used on the next day of unprotected intercourse, can be taken for up to 72 hours if necessary. However, to greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy with the morning after pill, it should be taken immediately after intercourse. The longer this pill is taken, the less likely it is to prevent pregnancy. Now, if you wish, let’s learn in detail what the morning after pill is based on hearsay information, how it is used, its effects and side effects.

What is the Morning After Pill?

What is the Morning After Pill?The morning-after pill used after unprotected sex and It is a drug that prevents you from getting pregnant. Although many conscious women prefer advanced techniques in terms of contraception, many couples are obliged to use the next day pill when it comes to emergency situations. We can say that the morning-after pill is a kind of birth control method. It is correct to use it after sexual intercourse with pregnancy risk. However, it must be used within 72 hours at the latest.

As soon as it is realized that the sexual intercourse is unprotected (for example, it may be noticed that the condom is torn or it may be thought that there is a malfunction in the use of the contraceptive pill), if pregnancy is not considered, the morning after pill should be used.

However, having frequent unprotected sexual intercourse by relying on the presence of the morning after pill and taking this drug each time will seriously adversely affect health. Basically, it prevents the ovaries from producing egg cells or changes the structure of the uterus, allowing the egg to hold. In this way, the possibility of pregnancy is eliminated.

How to Take the Morning After Pill?

How to Take the Morning After Pill?Even if sexual intercourse özgü been experienced with an existing method of protection, the slightest suspicion causes the couples who want to be protected from pregnancy to be worried. At this point, the morning-after pill, which alleviates the fear of the couples a little, is a drug that should be taken the day after the intercourse. Next day pills high in content progesterone hormone It is recommended to be used once a month due to its content.

In case of any obligation, it is possible for women who use the recommended morning after pill to experience side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Let’s not forget that the experts take the next day pill. even if you’re in your menstrual cycle Expresses that it can be used.

In unprotected sexual intercourse, it should be taken as soon as possible after the intercourse. The sooner it is taken after the association, the higher the protection rate will be. You can take the medicine, which you can consume with a glass of water, before or after meals. As we have just mentioned, this drug can be used in any phase of the menstrual period.

So when or in what situations should the morning after pills be used?

  • When there is a malfunction in the use of birth control pills, when it is noticed that the medicine is forgotten,
  • In cases such as problems with protection methods during sexual intercourse,
  • When the condom is torn during sexual intercourse,
  • When it is noticed that the intrauterine protection device is dislodged or in similar situations,
  • In the cases we have mentioned above, it should be used within 72 hours (3 days) after sexual intercourse.

What Does The Next Day Pill Do?

What Does The Next Day Pill Do?Unwanted pregnancy Morning-after pills, which are produced to prevent their condition from the very beginning, are drugs used by those with suspected pregnancy. Although there are different protection methods to avoid pregnancy, many women use this method for emergencies. In pharmacies without prescription Sale after morning pill for women prevent fertilization Thanks to its effect, it özgü a contraceptive feature.

However, to prevent pregnancy with the morning-after pill after intercourse It should be drunk within the first 72 hours. In order to maximize the contraceptive effect of the morning after pill, care should be taken to take it within at least 12 hours after intercourse. The protection of the morning after pill taken during this period is approximately 70-90 percent.

It should be noted that no method It does not provide 100% protection. Either way, there is even the slightest possibility of becoming pregnant. So how do we know that there is a low risk of conception? First of all, you should use the drug as soon as possible (not exceeding 3 days) after the intercourse. If there is a menstrual delay after this period, we recommend you to have a pregnancy kontrol.

If this drug is taken correctly as recommended by the experts, if the menstrual period and shape are in the standard way, there is no delay in the date of occurrence and the bleeding is düzgüsel, then you may think that the morning after pill is effective. In this case, there is no risk for getting pregnant. However, as we have mentioned in different parts of our article, even if you strictly follow the application method, there is a very low probability of getting pregnant.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Morning After Pill?

What Are The Side Effects Of The Morning After Pill?Although many women who apply to the morning-after pill for fear of pregnancy focus solely on protection without caring too much about the side effects of this pill, it is likely to show symptoms such as vomiting and nausea in some bodies. The person vomiting within 3 hours after taking the drug means removing the next-day pill and the drug must be taken again.

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In addition to these symptoms, complaints such as nausea, headache, tenderness in the nipples, mild bleeding in the biçim of drops and abdominal pain can also be seen. If there is a delay in the düzgüsel menstrual cycle after taking the morning after pill, it is useful to determine the overall result with a blood kontrol. Experts state that it is the best decision to consult a doctor before using such drugs.

Side effects or harms of morning-after pills are as follows;

  • Nausea.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Vomiting. If vomiting occurs, the medicine will be excreted in this way and it will become not taken at all. In such cases, a new drug should be taken without wasting time. Studies have revealed that only 1 out of 60 people have vomiting.
  • Headache.
  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling weak, exhausted and tired.
  • Tenderness in the breasts.
  • Drop-shaped bleeding in the vagina. These bleeding can continue until the düzgüsel menstrual period. In some people, there may be shifts and changes in menstrual periods. If the menstrual bleeding occurs later than the usual date, a pregnancy kontrol should definitely be done.

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