What is the life triangle ?

Earthquake survivors might be retrieved alive from the gaps present in the particles by search and rescue groups. These gaps giant sufficient to outlive are referred to as the “triangle of life”.

Being correctly protected and positioned throughout an earthquake is very important to stop dying and damage.

“Taking the right place in an earthquake” signifies that people are able to be shielded from falling objects or floating objects and to stop damage or dying.


The triangle of life is one in all the most necessary earthquake measures that may allow us to outlive beneath the rubble, if relevant. The gaps giant sufficient for us to outlive are referred to as the life triangle.

What is the life triangle #1


Unfixed cupboard, shelf, window, and so forth. gadgets must be prevented.

A triangle of life must be created by crouching beneath the desk supported by strong chairs, if any, or subsequent to gadgets that may present safety, similar to a full and hulking armchair, couch, and a full chest.

The pinnacle must be taken between the two fingers or protected with a protecting materials (pillow, e book, and so forth.). It must be held on this place till the shaking subsides.

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Discover a secure place, Kneel KOWN CLOSE to guard your head and neck, KEEP in a secure place to keep away from falling.

What is the life triangle #2


Don’t run in the direction of stairs or exits.

Don’t go to the balcony.

Don’t leap from balconies or home windows.

Completely no elevator must be used.

Telephones shouldn’t be used aside from to report emergencies and fires.

Matches, lighters shouldn’t be lit, and electrical buttons shouldn’t be touched.

If we’re in a wheelchair, the wheels must be locked and the head and neck must be protected.

In locations the place there are work instruments similar to kitchen, workshop, laboratory; cookers, ovens and comparable units must be turned off, and supplies and substances which will spill must be prevented.

After the shaking has handed, the electrical energy, gasoline and water valves must be turned off, stoves and heaters must be turned off.

By taking different safety measures, obligatory items and supplies must be taken, and the constructing must be left from the beforehand decided street and go to the meeting space.

In the classroom or workplace in school, a strong desk, beneath or subsequent to the desk; In the hall, the head and neck must be protected with the CUT-STICK-HOLD motion to type a life triangle subsequent to the wall.

Keep away from home windows and glassware.

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