What is the IMEI number, how to query? Phone IMEI inquiry screen e-Government

The IMEI quantity, which is a global quantity consisting of 15 digits, is used particularly for querying telephones introduced from overseas to guarantee the safety of cell phones.

You may verify by logging in through e-Government to see if the IMEI quantity, which is thought-about as the id variety of the telephones, is pretend.

Because of the question, you could find out whether or not the cellphone is imported or not misplaced / stolen.

So what is the IMEI quantity and how to question it? Right here is the technique of studying and querying the IMEI quantity.


IMEI, which stands for Worldwide Cellular Tools Identification (Worldwide Cellular Tools Identification), is a global distinctive identification quantity consisting of 15 digits. Every cell machine is produced with a distinct IMEI quantity.

From the IMEI quantity, it may be decided with which sim card and by whom your cellphone is used, and in case your cellphone is stolen or misplaced, your cellphone will likely be blocked by the operator you obtain service from and won’t be utilized by anybody else.

In case the cellphone is stolen or misplaced, name the customer support of the operator from which you obtain service and have the cellphone blocked in order that the one who rings or finds the cellphone won’t be able to use it.

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In case your cellphone is stolen and utilized to the Public Prosecutor’s Workplace with its IMEI quantity, the IMEI quantity is notified to all GSM operators and monitored to decide who is utilizing it.

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After eradicating the battery of your cell phone machine you might be utilizing, the IMEI quantity consisting of fifteen digits inside is the id of your cellphone.

with the keys of your cell phone *#06# You may attain the 15-digit IMEI quantity by doing this.


IMEI question is carried out in cooperation with e-Government and Info Applied sciences and Communication Authority.

Residents, with out the want to enter their info into the e-government system. You may view the IMEI info at the deal with.

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