What is the ground ?

Amongst the folks, the coldest days of winter are referred to as zemheri.

Zemheri, which is the mixture of the phrases “zem” that means winter in Arabic and “harir”, which is referred to as hum in Persian, is mentioned to be the interval when the winter is the most intense amongst the folks.

The Zemheri interval, which begins in December and lasts for a median of 40 days, typically refers to the heavy winter days skilled by the folks between December 22 and January 30.


It is mentioned that the most distinctive function of the ground is the excessive temperature fluctuation, as a few of it resembles autumn and a few resembles winter.

In the first half of the ground, fluctuations in air temperatures are skilled. The temperatures, that are 17-18 levels, lower to 4-5 levels after a couple of days.

Due to this fact, zemhari month is the month by which illnesses are seen extra. Winter was additionally referred to as zemheri in the outdated language.

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